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I recently bought a thermaclear. It has only been 3 days, so I can't give a review yet.

Has anyone had success with this? I'm no sure if it's worth $150.

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I've had it for a few months. It's only REALLY worked for me about 2 times and I've attempted to treat 10-20 pimples with it. The times it did work it was pretty incredible, it literally dried out and killed the pimple in 1-2 days. However, it only works on very certain types of pimples and I've yet to really figure out which ones to use them on. Never use it on whiteheads or blackheads, I think it only works well on the inflamed red pimples with no whitehead/pus on the tip of it. That may just be my case though but it does say to never use on whiteheads/blackheads or red marks or anything, as it could actually make them worse.

So yeah, I think when it works it works very well but overall it's pretty situational, just make sure you're using it correctly and on the correct type of pimple.

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You need to use this as the pimples start to kill the bacteria. If you wait until it is a whitehead or blackhead it is too late. IF you feel a pimple coming on use device immdiately and often (up to 4 times a day).

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If there's anyone planning on buying the Zeno or have luck with the zeno. Get the thermaclear is a better choice as you dont need to change the tips alot!

It says best to use when the pimple is forming or when you feel it coming on. Once its already inflammed the thermaclear becomes unusable to these thats why it doesnt work on inflammed pimples, but for ones that are forming or the ones you feel start zapping them!!

also best to zap just 1-2 times a day dont be zapping every hour!~

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