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ferox femina

Applying make-up with dry skin from Regimen

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Ugh, so I'm on Day 6 and I've got pretty dry skin despite tons of moisturizing.

I use mostly MAC make-up, so it's not the make-up. Any suggestions on getting rid of the flakes so I can have a flawless set for my make up? :)

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Cool as Kim Deal has a link in her signature on how to exfoliate with jojoba oil; that's one way to gently exfoliate flakes. If jojoba oil breaks you out, you can use your moisturizer or another oil moisturizer that does not break you out. I like emu oil.

The exfoliation with oil is a bit like massaging your face; it feels very good and the skin glows when you're done. Also please be sure you're not using hot water when washing at that simply dries out and irritates the skin even more. Cool and warm water are best.

If you've been doing the regimen for more than three months and are used to the BP completely, you could consider adding in an AHA such as Lac Hydrin 5 or Neutrogena's Healthy Skin lotion with AHA (night version). They both get good reviews. Cool as Kim Deal uses the Neutrogena. (Never mind, you've only been doing it six days!) Never fear the flakies WILL get less as you get adapted to all the BP you're using. Make sure you're not ramping up the dosage too fast, either. That's very important.

I use a baby's hair brush and the link to that method is in my signature. I also chemically exfoliate with glycolic acid and Green Cream (a retinoid). Any way you choose, make sure you're GENTLE! :) Scrubbing exfoliation or being too rough or too fast and eager with exfoliation will backfire and frequently give one a bigger breakout. Please avoid scrubs like St. Ives as those actually will cut small tears in the skin and lead to more breakouts.

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