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The first day after using the products my skin was dry, and stung.

Now, on day 6, my skin is super super dry despite tons of moisturizing. It even stings when I apply the lotion. Ouch. My make-up looks horrible b/c of the dryness. Is there any suggestions on this?

I've read that some people start to experience really bad breakouts after the first week. I can see the regimen beginning to work. The small bumps on my forehead are steadily dissipating. I just know I'm to face of storm of acne soon, though.

My skin looks so wrinkly. I've never noticed these wrinkles before.

With as sensitive as my skin is, I believe I'll keep up the half pump once a day of the BP, which I apply only at night.

Thoughts on the above?

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The wrinkle are probably because your skin is dry. Have you increased Bp dosage at all since you started? Generally for me I use the same amount of Bp until my skin gets used to it and doesn't flake much any more before I increase the dosage again.

You can try mild exfoliation if you want although it is not recommended with the regimen. That helps me a lot.

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Nope. I've only been doing half a pump of BP once daily.

I've got St. Ives scrub, how's that for exfoliating? I also read about this: Shiseido skin polisher?

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You could try those but I am more a fan of manual exfoliation. Not using any sort of scrub.

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Hey foxy. Sounds like you have the same type of skin I do. You probably should run not walk to the garbage can and throw away the apricot scrub. OUCH!

I am also looking for another way to exfoliate, but for now I am sticking to lightly smoothing a wash cloth over my face. Wet with warm water and cleanser on it. It seems less abrasive that way.

And as for the skin polisher, it sounds highly suspect of being an irritant, big time. Also keep up the half a pump, once a day, or even less until you feel like your skin can handle it. It took me about 10 days of that before I upped it to a full pump. I am still only once a day. I am not sure if my skin will ever be able to handle the full two pumps, but who knows what it will be like with after a month or two.


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jmcsm when you say mild exfoliation do you mean with a warm wet cloth or would the baby brush method be good??

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Both are good to me. However, opinions vary. I personally like both of them but only when doing it in the shower when your skin is soft. It works better that way. For me at least.

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