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Paula's choice BHA 2% Gel

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So, I'm using a layer during the day on my pores.... my forehead I'm using BP 4% and on my nose and cheeks and chin I'm using the BHA 2% gel.

How long do you start seeing results? So far, its been a couple of days (yes I know not long enough) and although it was a nice texture, nice feel etc and I haven't had any irritation, I haven't started seeing any 'clearing' yet. I guess I'll be using it for a long time......

I'm determined to beat my biology and get my skin looking smooth! I have clogged pores, clogged pores and more clogged pores and some blackhead and comedones and generally congested skin. And using an inflammed zit on the go.

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Give it at least 4-6 weeks.

Also, things may look worse before they look better. The BHA exfoliates the pores, loosening the comedones and allowing them to surface. As they surface, they will appear larger and darker than before. Don't panic .... and don't stop using the product.

When the blackheads start to surface, it's a good time to schedule a facial w/ extractions or even a microdermabrasion.

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Thanks for your kind reply LionQueen!

I guess it really will take that long. The good thing, my skin seems to be pretty resistant, so far I've not had any redness or whatever. I guess its just a very good product. I actually really like it!

I used to use (ages ago) something called 'nighttime treatment gel' by Clinique (yes, I know, most of their acne prodcuts are useless, but this was great) and its discontinued, but I'm fairly certain that the active ingredient was salicylic acid. I'd love to know what concentration it was and what else was in it and compare it to Paula's choice. The Clinique gel worked well for me.

I think my skin has some kind of hyperkeratinization disorder (well don't we all!) and exfoliation is the only way to go. I usually have one inflammatory pimple on the go, but its mostly clogged pores, comedones, just little bumps in general and blackheads.

I've never had a facial in all my life....or anything like that! But in theory I would if I could.

I'm in grad school....I wouldn't know where to begin!

I might also try her 8% AHA gel too one day. I'll see how it goes with the BHA first. Particulary with the summer coming up, I don't want any increased risk of sunburn etc!

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I've been using it for around 2-3 months, my skin looks alright apart from larger bumps around my forehead and chin. As they seem to be pretty much in the same spot and nothing seems to be changing them I'm thinking they are perhaps fungus. I am trying tea tree oil and I am going to try the anti dandruff shampoo that kills fungus as well.

Also some BP might help on any inflamed acne. It did for me.

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