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all natural hair product suggestions?

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I want to avoid using those mainstream shampoos/conditioners (or even the expensive salon versions) with sodium lauryl sulfate and all that other crap...but I'm having trouble finding a shampoo/conditioner combo that gives my hair good volume and shine.. partly this is from accutane-induced thinning and dryness, but I've noticed that the chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners are the ones that give your hair that nice bounce and shine. I have very fine, dull, thin, straight hair at the moment, so I'm looking for something both volumizing and shine-inducing. If any women on the forum have found any great all-natural hair products, let me know. Right now I'm using something that sounds vaguely like Desert Naturals or Desert Essence with tea tree and jojoba...too lazy to look it up...for dry/damaged hair, but it's not really impressing me.

Also, is there a good acne-friendly, all natural styling mousse to add volume? It would probably help my hair not be so paper-flat, but I'm scared of all the creepy ingredients in the conventional brands, and a lot of times the all-natural stuff doesn't work quite as well.

edit: oh, and just to clarify, I don't mean all natural as in, making it myself with random food products lying around the house (e.g. a paste of tomatoes and honey...I'm not quite that chemical-phobic...just something without an egregious amount of acne-irritating chemicals).

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I'm a guy, but I just use a natural soap from Carly's on my body and my hair. I was concerned with chemicals in all my products as well and found this to be a decent solution.

Won't hurt to try using some form of natural soap and see how you like it I guess. Probably won't give you volume and/or shine like salon products do though.

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