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mandelic acid does work on blackheads (at least ones on the nose)

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I felt obligated to let those of you that don't know already, that mandelic acid worked extremely well against the blackheads on my nose. I've had on my nose several large pores filled with greyish colored gunk for so many years. I've tried biore strips, AHA's, salicylic acid, and even clay masks (as a guy), and only this has worked. I used the Garden of Wisom sea serum 10% mandelic acid with no alcohol. Only after a week of applying once in the morning and once at night, ALL my pores look tighter and that nasty goo has been obliterated.

Oh yea, the skin around my nose started peeling a little bit recently. I think i'll lay off the use to once per day now. I don't know if my skin is sensitive or not but I think for most people the 15% w/ alcohol might be too strong.

I don't check this forum very often so don't leave me any questions, but I'm sure others that have tried mandelic here will be able to help you.

good luck!

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Where do you find it?

Is it Malic Acid? Not Mandelic?

No, its mandelic. Theres a big post on it from LionQueen and others regarding it on this forum. Supposed to be really good for blackheads.

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