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HELLO acne.org world!

I'm a long time acne.org board viewer but i just recently ordered the DKR products and started last night for the first time and just a little while ago i did my 2nd treatment! :dance:

I'm so happy that i finally decided to take the plunge...i feel like i should have done it a long time ago...I'm 22 and have been suffering from acne for about 3 years now. I had the occasional pimples and whiteheads in high school but nothing to the magnitude of what i get now. I know a lot of it could have been prevented if i wasn't so naive about acne and picking and popping (its the hardest thing not to pop a pimple for me!) I've tried lots of stuff. For a long time i washed with the Avenno ultra calming cleanser or Cetaphil daily facial wash followed by exfoliating with baking soda, then ACV toner and a white egg mask, etc. Also i used tea tree oil (dried me out) so then i mixed emu oil with tea tree oil and got some good results with red spots but nothing ever lasted in keeping my acne at bay.

I've always gotten little whiteheads...but lately(the past few years) i've had a TON of whiteheads and some papules and pustules...i've gotten to a place so low that i can't stand to look at myself in the mirror without any makeup and rarely even with makeup...all i see are bumps everywhere and my attempts at covering them and all the red spots on my face. I won't even go into what acne has done to my psychologically because I already know a lot of people here understand what it is like. :boohoo:

At attempts to solve the problem not just cover it up i've switched to everyday minerals and have been pretty happy with it and knowing that it is something that won't be doing more damage to my skin like some other makeups, but it isn't enough to keep me happy with the condition of my skin and sometimes it looks like i am using way too much and look way too powdery.

So I have a few questions since I am new to the regimen:

1) Is my skin going to become dependent on BP forever or just as long as i am getting acne?

2) How long should i wait to apply makeup...please don't say "well just don't wear makeup" ...i have to wear makeup...yes i am that insecure with my acne!

3) Will this regimen be ok to do with me going on a study abroad trip? I may not have time every morning to do this without rushing through it a bit because of time restraints i'll have in the mornings...what if i end up doing the full 3 steps at night and cleansing and moisturizing in the morning...i know this is not recommended but what are the results you have all had on the regimen in doing something like this? Also i know the water is bad there...they've said not to brush your teeth with the water but to use bottled water...so should i wash my face in the shower like normal or with bottled water?

4) Also i read somewhere that it is recommended that you do the regimen 12 hours apart what if i do it like 8 hours apart(before i go to bed and when i wake up)...does this irritate your face or have bad results?

5) And finally, i know you're not supposed to use anything else with on the regimen but what about asprin masks, egg white masks, neosporin for healing acne scabs, or emu oil ...usually i use it on red spots or just on my eyelids because i have blepharitis and get dried out on my lids.



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I'll answer your question in the same order you asked them. :)

1. You will want to use the Regimen as long as it is working for you. There is no cure, just ongoing treatment. At some point in the future when your skin is no longer as prone to breakouts, you can try decreasing it or going off of it altogether and see how your skin does.

2. Give your moisturizer a few minutes to set and sink in before applying your makeup.

3. You will get the best results with it if you do it religiously, twice a day everyday. If you are unable to do that, you may not get optimal results.

4. The 12 hour suggestion is in an ideal world, but we do realize it isn't always practical. If you do it in the morning and again before bed, that's fine. The main point is to do it twice daily, sometime in the a.m. and sometime again in the p.m.

5. Do not add in any other products until you are clear. If you try to add in other factors early on, you will not know what is helping or hurting. Let your skin get fully accustomed to the bp regimen before you try to add in other stuff. Then if you feel you need to, add in one thing at a time so you can gauge the results.

I hope this helps and good luck!

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okay, i'm going to try to answer your questions as best i can, and i'm sure others can help too.....

1) Is my skin going to become dependent on BP forever or just as long as i am getting acne?

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Listen to Brandy! Following the regimen religiously and to the letter is absolutely key, esp. in the beginning, and will increase your odds of clearing up faster. Think of it as a house of cards--done carelessly, indiscriminately adding or taking things away and BOOM! the whole thing falls apart. The regimen can be a lot like that. And when time is of the essence, you don't want to waste time "rebuilding." So do what you can before you go away. Make each application count. With some patience and a little luck, your skin will be in good shape for your trip.

And Lu Lu Belle makes a good point, too. If circumstances prevent you from doing the regimen exactly at any time, then all you can do is your best.

Have a nice trip! :D

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