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Hi, I have been using Dan's products (all three) for about three weeks now. My skin was able to adapt to the BP rather fast. I do see some improvement to my skin but not much of it. I don't have any problems with pimples but my face's infested with those nasty black heads and white heads =/...

I have really oily skin, and every time i apply the moisturizor it burns a little, should I limit the amount of moisturizor to use? Which would be better for oily skin full of black heads and white heads like mine? Dan's BP or NOTS?

Maybe I'm just too impatient. I've heard that exfoliating or masks help with those stuff? If yes, which products should i use? Any help here guys?

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Hi there. I like NOTS just for my forehead and nose, but use Dan's BP for the rest of my face. I find this helps with the oil.

That burning sensation should go away with time (it's pretty common in the early days/weeks), but if it doesn't consider switching moisturizers. There may be something in it you're allergic to. At this point I'm more apt to think the burning is from the BP drying out your skin and not the moisturizer. Moisturizing should help with the burning, so if anything I would try using a little more moisturizer, not less.

Also be sure you are using SPF sunblock on your face if you are spending any time out in the sun, as unprotected sun exposure can cause additional burning and redness. I substitute Neutrogena Oil-free Moisture with SPF 15 for Dan's moisturizer on sunny days when I am outside.

If you're clear other than whiteheads/blackheads, consider building AHA into your regimen. This is supposed to be pretty effective for whiteheads, etc. I'd wait until that burning goes away and you've fully adjusted to the BP first.

Hope this helps. Good luck! :D

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