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So I think i started out too quickly. I used bp before but stopped then broke out badly. My skin is soooooooo crusty right now it's not good. I mean, there's like a layer of bp on my skin that's quite stiff and discolored. it is peeling though.

So, how long should i wait to do it again?

I'm breaking out badly prolly because my skin is so irritated.

If I'm going to start again, I'm prolly going to do once every other day for the first 2 weeks then go from there. I'm scared. I don't want this to happen again. I seriously look horrid.

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Hm...sounds to me like an allergic reaction (crusty skin, discolored BP, etc.) but you said you've used it before?? Did the same thing happen last time, or did the BP clear you up?

If it is an allergic reaction, you should stop using the BP immediately.

If not, you may have just plunged in too quickly. If that's the case and you just have overdry, cracked, lobster red skin, then you don't need to stop the regimen. You can try this quick remedy:

Before bed, apply petroleum jelly liberally to the skin. Lay down an old sheet and sleep. The next morning, wash off the petroleum jelly very gently with a little face cleanser. Don't use a washcloth, rub, or scrub. Your skin should be considerably better.

Petroleum jelly won't clog pores or irritate skin, so it should be safe to use. Greasy and messy, but fast-acting and extremely healing. It should restore alot of your skin's natural balance overnight. I've used this remedy before, and it really works.

And then, as you said, go much slower with the BP and moisturize after each application. This will keep your skin from getting dehydated, as the BP can dry out the skin. Hope this helps! :D

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Yeah I've used bp before. Then i went on Glycolic acid then all hell broke loose.

I think i jumped in too quickly. I just restarted after 3 days, I've broken out so bad, but the discoloration and crusting has subsided a bit. But there's still patches of skin that are like tanned. haven't peeled yet but oh well. now aplying a pea size amount twice a day then moisturize.

Oh and PS I didn't moisturize before :( damn so stupid. I should have moisturized. Now my skin is sooooo full of zits because I've stopped for 3 days. Fuck. I hate this.

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Glycolic acid is a great product, but definitely wait until you're using the full 2 pumps of BP and your skin has adjusted to the BP before building AHA into your regimen.

Not moisturizing is also a mistake, in fact, the same mistake I made! (D'oh!!) :wall: Try the petroleum jelly remedy if you're still overdry, cracked, and red. This will help a lot, and you'll be able to resume BP use right away. Hang in there, and don't give up!!! :D

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