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Can anybody tell me whats goin on?

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Acne gives me the shits. I'm 22 and have been suffering with this garbage since I was 15. I've tried everything from accutane to benzamycin to whatever you could possibly think of. I've had all that garbage. In 2003, Accutane cleared up my back and shoulders, but really didn't do shit for my face.

I'll just get right to the point.... since October 2005, I've been on a steady regimen of the face wash morning regimen (which is like 3, 4, 5... sometimes 7:00 for me... I'm always awake by then.. just lazy)..... I'll just take a shower and thats it. I wont even use cleanser in the shower... I"ll just let the water wash it.. and then 15 minutes after the shower I will put on Neutrogena Oil-Free moisturizer. And just go about my day. Then for the night time regimen... I'll wash my face with Cetaphil daily facial cleanser.... wait 15 minutes.... put on pro-activ BP repairing lotion..... wait 15 minutes.. and then do the moisturizer. It takes me a fuckin hour, sometimes longer at night just catering to my face, and I'm sick of it. Dammm sick of it. I see great results... but I don't know if thats just a sign of me getting older or what...... I got red marks and oily skin still on my face... but fuck it I cant change everything.....

Heres what I'm wondering.......

In Febuary this year, I stopped doing my night time regimen... I'd just wash my face with Cetaphil... and then dab a lil proactiv on any active pimples. For about 2-3 weeks that plan was working pretty good. But then I started breaking out real bad by my mouth... I mean reallllllly bad...... and a little bit on my cheeks.... but also I was eating foods religiously that are known to break people out (peanut butter, milk, bananas, whey protein, oatmeal).... I stopped eating those foods.... I cut one out slowly before another.. and sooner than later my mouth stopped breaking out... and my cheeks did too. I'm wondering though... was it me stopping my night time regimen that caused the breakouts.. or was it the food I was eating to try and get bigger for lifting......... Because my forehead is spotless....... yeah.. I get oily skin, and sometimes its red and what not.... but my forehead is spotless (I dont do no night time work on iit like putting topicals on it)......... should I try that again (no night time regimen) with the rest of my face and see what happens now that I'm not eating those foods. I just dont know.

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