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could do with some help re: acne relapse...

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so, my acne disappeared after four months worth of lymecycline. which seemed to have worked. i went off it for a couple of months, and wow. no new acne. so, i come back to university. week one, fine. then after that i get about ten new actives. just like that, in the space of a few days.

what is going on? is this just a simple relapse? i;m getting my mum to send me some more pills up and restart the regimen, cause i've worked so hard to get where i am and my red marks are slowly disappearing. but, could these new spots be attributed to a lifestyle change whilst at uni? the only thing i can think of is that i had a crab-cake, and some prawns (been veggie for a year now, but thought i'd try something different) - that was a week or so ago, so could that be it? is one crab cake enough to completely destroy my face again?

would appreciate some replies! i feel physically sick that the months and months of hard work is going to pot!

- thanks,


the crabcake/prawns are literally the only lifestyle change i can think of!

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It could have been the seafood. Seafood does contain iodine, which I believe in some studies shows that can contribute to acne in some people. If you don't do anything and the acne goes away, then you will know to avoid shellfish in the future! I would probably not take the pills for a bit and see what happens.

If you start taking the pills again right away and your face clears up you won't know if the pills cleared you up or if it was the seafood.

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thanks to the above dude. i think that's what i'm going to do. the spots seem to rise a bit then drop back down without erupting which is cool. i think if i give it two weeks and there's nothing then it's probably the case.

i mean it was a week almost to the day after the crab so it kinda would make sense.

and to the other dude. i'm a first year, no stress whatsoever :)

thanks guys,

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