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my friend says she's bleaching her skin...!?!?

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okay so my one of my friends recently started coming into school with perfect skin and i had to ask her what she was doing cuz her face used to have as many zits as this website has users

anyway she was hesitant but finally told me cuz she think she can trust me [i said i wouldnt tell any of our friends but i said nothing bout posting on a website]

she said she had started bleaching her face...i can understand her desperation because of her extreme condition...but seriously...my major question is IS THIS SAFE??? [should i stop it]

she says what she does is she adds a lot of water and then a capful of bleach to dilute it but im pretty sure she's lying about it

and then she started explainin how its beneficial and all and it got me thinking...like whenever i do swimming the chlorine dries my skin out to the point where it dries the zits rite off my face...but it just doesnt seem safe and i really need some other input on this


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NO. Not safe. Sometime back I came across an article that was about a young girl who had tried the same approach i.e. to bleach her acne off.

All she managed to succeed in was to burn herself pretty badly and then had to suffer due to it for quite a long time.

She is most probably lying to you. Tell her that you want to SEE her bleaching procedure. Then see how she reacts.

She may probably have already burned her face (if she is true) but might have been able to cover it up with make up or something in the absence of bumps. Have you seen her without make up. I doubt that.

But do not, I repeat DO NOT bleach your face.

You might have to regret it for years.


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my sister bleaches her face. Its not really bleach, she uses a product of jolen which is popular. it doesnt actually bleach your SKIN, it bleaches the tiny hairs on your face, to blonde which gives the illusion of a fairer, more even complection. but if you have acne, then your just asking for it to be irritated. dont do it, i heard people bleach to lighten the red marks on their face but only once their acne has completely gone.

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