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Can poor blood circulation be one cause of acne?

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Hey, once again.

Im sitting here thinking about my causes of acne. Ofc I hope its just normal teenager acne.

But since I stopped played football and exercising 2 years ago, I began to develop some acne. My acne were mild to moderate at worst times I think. I got some very mild scarring on my cheeks going on, and its moved all the way down to my jawline/chin now. My cheeks and forehead is clear. So my first thought were that it might be hormonal now. And im trying to balance these hormones with my diet and through more sleep/meditation.

But since I stopped playing football and exercise, I began to get very cold hands and feet. Im not sure if I got the Raynaud's syndrome, or its just pure bad blood circulation.

This couldnt be related to my acne, could it? I know its a "must" to exercise, and im slowly starting again, since I know its also has a great impact on my bloodsugar levels.

But it just hit me that I started getting acne when I stopped exercising. Damn, maybe I should start again. I hate having cold hands and feet all the time aswell.

I werent really sure where to post this, but I hope you can help me anyways.

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Blood circulation is related to insulin resistance. At least in lists of supplements for insulin resistance, I've often seen nutrients that improve circulation. And exercise increases circulation and a lack of exercise is a factor in becoming insulin resistant.

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