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Vegan topical products

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As some of you know, I'm currently getting laser treatments. After my last treatment they said they always applied this topical product (of which I forgot the name) to the treated area to cool the area and to moisturize it.

I am vegan, so I asked if this cream they had contained any animal based ingredients. They couldn't give me an answer right away, so they phoned the manufacturer and they had to ask around because they weren't sure! They said it would take 15 minutes to find out for sure.

So in the meantime I was sitting there, just having been treated and needing some kind of cream to be applied. Fortunately for me, I read the ingredients and I was 99.9% sure it was vegan, so I told them to apply it. I remember it had Jojoba oil and Citric acid, among other things. Anyway, it was applied only once. Now, I just use the 'after sun' I bought at the other derm I went to.

But there are creams out there which aren't vegan. The other day, for instance, I learned about this cream which was advertised by a Dutch clinic. It was advertised as something 'inspired by natural products'. So I asked them to send me a complete list of ingredients and it turned out to contain gelatin, which, as you know, is made of animals.

I also looked into Kojic acid, because it was brought to my attenton that the redness of my scar could also be hyperpigmentation. I e-mailed the people of the site of Dr. Moy's 'Ko-Sal' and they assured me that it was in fact vegan. They told me that he had also made products years earlier for 'The body shop', which had the same criteria.

Anyway, I just thought I'd post this thread to share and to give the advice to phone ahead to your derm about the products he/he uses, so you don't end up in the same awkward situation as I've been in.


Note: I don't mean to advertise Ko-Sal or The body shop. In this post I just gave examples of things I was looking into.

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