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Accutane VS. Holistic

Accutane or diet change?  

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  1. 1. What helped YOU?

    • Accutane
    • Diet

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I'm on my third round of accutane and so disappointed with my body's response to it, I'm considering full-on holistic and diet. I'm posting this here because now I'm an 'adult' and my body has changed and I'm looking for some long-term maintenence inspiration... Cuz we all know it just. keeps. coming. back...

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Well I have gone through 2 full previous treatments and 1 "pulse" treatment....I am now on my second "pulse" treatment!!! So you think you have had it bad, well sorry I think I can throw my cards into that pile as well.

Right now I am two weeks into my pulse treatment of 40mg three times a week and I it seems to be helping, can already see at least a 60 to 70% decrease in my skins oilyness and the breakouts (touch wood) look like they are on vacation....at least I feel "normal" again, dont have to be a 24 year old with zits still popping out!!!

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I didn't vote. I did three rounds of Accutane (or was it four??) and while it cleared up the cysts, the other stuff came back eventually. I haven't really tried a holistic approach with diet change, etc. I did get good results with BCP and spironolactone and then eventually, just Yasmin BCP. I'm currently trying to get pregnant, so I can't use any of that stuff.

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I'm 2/3 through my FOURTH MONTH on Accutane and have two active cysts and two going away. I"m almost sure accutane is causing these because never ever before did I have cystic acne.

I want to cry, every fucking day. I don't eat wheat anymore. No dairy. No meat. No refined sugar. I'm miserable.

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