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I've heard that neem oil has antibacterial/antimicrobial properties, and may be good as a topical for acne. Anyone have any experience with it?

I'm wondering if it's as strong as tea tree oil and need dilution, or if it can just be applied directly. Also, anyone know if it's pore-clogging, even though it's antibacterial...?

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Its funny because I was just researching this, and thinking of trying it.

Neem Oil is one of the very few, if not only, natural remedies that actually has a lot of scientific and medical proof of its uses.

It has been used for some time, mostly in india, as a treatment for skin disorders, such as eczema and you guessed it, acne. Its also like you said, its supposed to be very anti-bacterial, and they have medical studies showing that it kills the p.bacteria that causes acne.

However, thats all I can give you is information. I havent really tried it, although I am thinking of it. I doubt its pore clogging though and as for dilution I wouldnt know, I would say yes to be on the safe side because some of these oil, such as tea tree, can be very strong if not diluted. I was also thinking of trying a Neem Balm, which has a few other ingredients good for acne. But if you try it, let us know how it goes.

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Well! I went ahead and bought a small tub, and have been applying it every night for a week. So far, the skin looks good... Since it's only been a week, it's hard to say how much is the neem, and how much is any of the other many variables that affect my face (time of the month, diet, weather, stress, etc). Anyway, I've been applying it full strength, just enough to cover the entire face, and directly after washing with Black Soap. Inflammation appears to be decreased -- I wake up in the morning with the recent flare-up pretty calmed and de-reddened, and the rest of the skin relatively smooth and glowy. Not a miracle cream, but doesn't seem to be hurting, either! No additional breakouts, so it also doesn't appear to be pore-clogging. And no negative affects otherwise (no drying, etc). So, again, not sure how much of the apparent goodness is because of the neem, but so far it's not bad.

Will continue to use it over th next week and post another update, in case anyone's interested.

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Thats awesome, Im glad its working for you *knock on wood* haha

What brand are you using exactly? I might go ahead and give it a go to.

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Alaffia: http://www.alaffia.com/ (ordered online)

Another week of neem oil, another week of clear skin! My skin cycles tend to be long, so I'm not ready to claim miracle salve, but... so far so good!

Also, my redmarks appear to be fading at a faster rate. These guys have stuck around for 5+ months, so to see them fading a little is exciting. I wonder if the neem oil???

Will keep an eye on both acne and redmarks, and post another update in a week!

(Btw, if you try it just be prepared that it smells awful! Kind of like garlic + peanuts. So I only use at night, and wash off in the morning :) )

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Haha yea ive heard about the horrible smell

Congrats though, I hope its the neem thats working and I hope it keeps working for you :) Make sure you keep us updated!!!!

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