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I feel like peeling my face off!!

I felt the exact same way. I kept on saying "I'm going to peel it off, I'm going to peel it off, peel peel peel"

After years of thinking that. I finally decided to do it. I got a peel. And let me tell you, it was not fun. The derm puts this brown medicine on you that burns like hell. I actually wanted to punch him, it was ridiculously painful for five minutes and then it subsided. And then he'd do it again, for three times. By the time I got home though, it stopped hurting. But my face was caked with browness- I looked like a burn victim, no joke. It stretched my skin and I couldn't even open my mouth big enough to brush my teeth, talk, or eat. It started to peel on the third day. When it peeled, it pulled all the pimples with it, every pore had a pimple (microscopic ones). It took me a week for it to peel half my face.

Then, I went back and he peeled off the rest. My skin is a lot smoother, I still have some red marks and three or four pimples. I'm so glad it's over though and although I would never do it again, I'm glad I did it.

My face now consists of fresh baby skin, and I can't leave the house without a hat and sunscreen.

If you're seriously thinking about a peel- that's my experience.

I was actually looking up chemical peels yesterday, but I don't know anyone who had one done so I'm a little skeptical about getting one. It hurts that much?? I read that it can leave you with permanently discolored skin or even scars. I definately don't want that. I dont know..I have to look more into it before I take the plunge. Congrats to you and your new "baby skin" :) but sorry about all the pain...must have been miserable!

I just wish I could somehow PEEL my face off so I dont have to look at it. I hate it and I hate the way I look!! It's so unfair. I don't smoke, I dont drink, I eat 5+ servings of fruit every day,stopped consuming sugar, stopped eating meat, eat mostly vegetables,cleanse every day with organic crap, use mineral make up, have tried every over the counter crap, used every cream/lotion/antibiotic (except accutane) given by my doctor, would never fall asleep without cleansing my face and yet I have acne! Now, theres my friend with crystal clear skin. She, on the other hand, never washes her face. She washes it once a week because she's weird and doesn't like water on her face. She smokes, drinks, eats mostly junk, wears heavy make up and has beautiful skin. She actually puts HAIRSPRAY on her face to keep her liquid foundation in place. Then, she doesn't wash her face and the next day she'll lather some more liquid foundation on top of that and finish it off with hairspray. No zits, ever.

I just don't get it. I scratch my face and BAM..zit! Well, I'll just go back to crying..since that's the only thing left to do ;(

I feel ya my friend :comfort:

JAXIN!!!!!! :wub:

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I've just hit bottom. I go from having horrible skin to clear skin to horrible skin all within 2 months. It's not even the acne by itself..I dont even know what it is. I just can't have a normal life. I seriously mean it when I say scratching my face will break me out. So, I "scratch" with the back of my hand or grind my teeth until the itchy sensation goes away. NOT NORMAL! God forbid I should accidently fall asleep without washing my face. I have no friends, because I have isolated myself from everyone and refuse to answer my phone when they call. I don't want to be out in public and when I sam, I usually walk around with my head down. I'm embarrassed to talk to people, because I don't want them looking at me. If I hear someone laugh, I automatically assume that they are laughing about my acne. Theres times, where I just don't care about my skin. I go out without makeup, keep my head up and just don't care. Unfortunately, now it's not one of those times. I feel like so down......

i get these cycles of clear and terrible skin too. and i hella fucking hate it.

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yes it was miserable... it felt like a sunburn, The peel was actually part of a 4 times treatment. The first two, he gave me dermabrasion and the third time is the actual peel.

It hurts, a lot. But if you're willing to go through with it, I don't think you would be disappointed.

pros: removes ridiculous amounts of pimples, removes some scarring, fresh new layer of skin, no more clogs, less oily.

Cons: expensive (mine cost $1200, although the normal price is usually $3000), painful, look like a burn victim for a week, be careful of sun damage)

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