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Glycolic 50%peel BURN/SCARR!!!!!

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ok well next to my mouth i had a small pigmented scar..and i used a personal home use glycolic acid peel 50% ..nd left it on (rubbed it a little-BAD MISTAKE)... i used baking soda as the neutrilizer..den alll i remember is my skin being burned off..

it started to bleed..i washed it all off.. nd took about 4-7 days 2 heal..

after it healed.. it is left DARK..Pigmented.... texture seems a LITTLE different but could be said as the same type of texture as my skin..

its been there for almost 2 years now.. it gets light sometime ...den sometimes really dark.. it flucuates almost..


a couple months ago using a small circular rotary dremel tool... with a circular saw the size of an inch or 2 to cut out some plywood(thin).. the blade broke and went flying towards my face but hit the side of my big nose and skinned it.. nd missed my eye thank god..

the blade was a little hot of course nd the side of the nose part that was skinned ..did start bleeding..

after it healed.. it has left a pigmented scar. much darker color.. and its been a year almost.

texture seems a little different..and eveen looks like it could be indented in a little bit??? maybe its jus my illusion becuase of the color difference.

PLEASE if anyone of you can help it would be greatly appreciated.. i look so weird in pictures. like i just been abused.

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I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune. Unfortunately, I don't have any useful advice. I don't have any experience with pigmentation issues, but I'm sure there is somebody here who will have a better answer. I wish you lots of luck with your search, though.

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