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I've had moderate to severe acne since I was twelve. Nothing worked. When I started uni four years ago, I tried out Proactiv which did help. I still have a few mild breakouts once in a while and always that one big painful zit every month which signals that my period is coming up. :cool: It did take a few months before I noticed the improvement though. However, Proactiv really dried out my skin making it flaky so I decided to try a different line since my skin had been behaving itself for a couple of years and I assumed I grew out of acne anyway.

Current Problem

I tried out Clinique's new anti-blemish solutions. It was okay for the first week, I was even loving it but in the second week, I started breaking out. I've always had mild acne which never bothered me so I ignored the signs, thinking it was normal. End of second week, pure panic. Third week, I started looking for solutions, ordered my Proactiv kit again which still hasn't arrived and silently shy away from the world... Basically, I've entered the moderate acne stage and has every potential to reach severe anytime.


I was thinking of getting a N-lite laser treatment as I was desperate to be free of problem quickly and booked a consultation for it. Surprisingly, the facialist talked me out of it. :naughty: She suggested a glycolic peel instead, a heavy duty one. I had an MD Formulations Peel, the 60% Alpha Beta Peel. It was painful, no wonder they call it glycolic 'acid'.

And I was recommended MD Formulations and Dermalogica to replace my current, evil skincare. Which costed a bundle. :crazy2:

New Regime

MD Formulations Facial Cleanser (used twice daily)

MD Formulations Face & Body Scrub (advised to use it 2-3 times a week but I plan to use it once every 2 days)

MD Formulations Vit-A-Plus Clearing Complex (advised for night use only but I use it twice daily)

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream (advised to use it twice daily but I'm only using for the day)

Sunplay SPF 25 (loveeeee this)


- Not active. I don't exercise.

- Unhealthy diet. No daily intake of vegetables and fruits.

- Drink lots of water.

- Supplements: Evening Primrose Oil and Pure Cod Liver Oil.


Almost clear skin in 2 weeks? Yes, I know I have extremely high hopes. :doh: I have a work placement on the 5th of May and I hope to get back my self confidence on that day.



Day 2 and I see improvement! Still a couple of new tiny breakouts but it wasn't as bad as before when I get about 6-7 medium/big ones on a daily basis. The clearing complex burns my skin everytime I put it on, I basically cringed for about a minute before the burning goes away. My skin also feels tight, dry and flaky. But I'm staying positive...


Day 3. My skin is calming down, I take that as a positive sign that the regime suits me fine. I dislike the Dermalogica moisturizer though. It smells horrible and doesn't seem to absorb well but it has only been my second time using it so I'll give it some time. I'm already starting to worry about the red marks but I'll just pass them off as freckles. :ninja: I'm also considering to start wearing makeup and ordered a tester kit for Everyday Minerals.


Day 4. I woke up from a dream of perfect skin. Damn. :doh: Skin pretty much still the same but no new breakouts. Peeling around the mouth area.


Day 6. My skin is surely but slowly improving. No new breakouts and the old breakouts are getting better. Now I all have left is red marks.


Day 10. Had another glycolic peel. Oh God it burns! :shock: Skin is definitely improving and I can actually imagine myself clear by the end of next week if nothing goes wrong! I have changed a few things in my regime for the past few days though. I only cleanse or exfoliate my skin lightly. No treatment or moisturizer after it. Maybe just the SPF when I go out. It's a bit risky at this stage when I'm trying to 'treat' acne and my face feels dry/tight/naked without anything on it but there hasn't been any new breakouts and I feel fresh! I've also been doing the Apple Cider Vinegar thing three times or more in a day depending on how I feel.

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