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I need some none acne related advice

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:boohoo: lets get the instruments out.

Basically what I want need is advice twofold. Does anyone know the best ways to go looking for jobs when you are under 18? I need some summer work before uni.

Now here is the main problem.

I have neverr really worried much about my acne btw, but last tuesday I woke up with a sore throat, cough, a sudden breakout of really bad spots, those under-the-skin types. I have been experienceing fatiuge since then and I dont appear to be getting any better. But at times I have felt great.

Here's the thing, I have recently been very emotionally depressed, I have been angry at my friends, sad at the prospect of ending sixth form, stressed over exams and work, upset over singledom, angry at the prospect of working all summer with no break in a shitty job. Is it possible that me becoming ill is just a physical manifestation of these problems.

An example. It was sunny this afternoon and I was feeling so much better. But then I saw this girl who totally upset me in the past (basically she told me she really liked me. Then she totally ignored me, then we were friends again, then I finally got the balls to ask her out,she said no, stops talking to me, then starts talking to me again as if it never happened. Now I've tried for ages and suceeded to get her out of my head. But here she is looking so good and lovely in the sun :wub: then I'm like :doh::doh::doh::doh: as I've totally fallen for her again, then a headache comes on and I have a fit of coughing and start thinking about the horrible prospect of work. I dont think I'm imagining symptoms, either i am ill and being sad makes it worse, or I am so sad its making me ill

anyone have any help or pointers?

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but maybe ur sick? having some kind of illness can actually make u break out sometimes, i would go to a doc. antibiotics could help both the cough and symptoms and the breakout. just keep ur head up, go out and do something fun to keep ur mind off bad things

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sounds like you might have mono to me. for a job just apply to grocery stores, clothing stores at the mall...things like that usually hire people under 18

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