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Acne battle. WAR>>>>

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This shit is seriously nasty. I have not wanted to take my shirt off for a couple years now. Finally decided to research into "Acne", hah. I have It all over my body. Chest, arms, knees, little on my legs etc. Fucking gross. The only place I dont really have it is on my face, thank god. I get on my neck and the odd one on my face. No biggy just pop that sucker looks like a caught myself shaving, unless it's on my forehead or nose. So what happend to your nose? "oh I dont know, I think it was probably because I had the zit size of your nipple on it. Decided I didn't want to walk around staring at it crossed eyed or popping on you." lol.... They really need to find a cure for acne. You think they would of put more time into it since every living human gets it and no one wants it.

Oh, I am not the smartest dude on the block, so you have to forgive my grammar. I try though.

If you want to Drop me some critique and advice it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

For Now I am going to Try the vinegar routine.

Day-1 Put on vinegar. Burns my nostrils, wait 15 minutes, shower.



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Hey its my second day trying the vinegar metho as well!! i hope it works out for both of us! what type of vinegar do you use?? I use Bragg ACV I have acne mostly on my shoulders area...nothign really on my chest...and of course some on my face....

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Thanks man I will keep that in mind. For Now Ill play out the vinegar and if that don't work Head and shoulders then the Magic light...


Heh, Yeah my back is worse by far. I don't have to much else where it;s just red dots and piles of em lots on the arms and stuff. Chest theres a couple red things. I have good compared to others... For the vinegar I an using Cider Vinegar, 5% acid by volume. Going burn those suckers off. Listen to them scream...

EDIT: I had a little Idea since I am putting this shit all over my body, why not Ingest this Vinegar???? Ima going to take a shot of it and see what it does.... Worst case scenario I puke Best case scenario The acne disappears like right now.... Omg Imagine

EDIT again: lalal.. I took a shot of the vinegar. Four tablespoons to be exact. Side effects so far. I feel Like I am drunk ahaha... Allmost feels like a shot of tequila. I will take a shot of this for a week then stop doing it for a week see if I notice a difference.

Another edit lol..

I did a little research on drinking vinegar and found out it is pretty healthy for you in moderation. Also can help improve the skins appearance within drinking. Oh jees good news. There is a load of information in this thread they all talk about taking it and what it does http://forums.crosswalk.com/Drinking_Vineg..._1661452/tm.htm

More information it really is wonderfull for you. They say on this one that drinking it helps acne.


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Ok, I feel the need to step in.

Firstly! You're on the right track with Bragg ACV--however, i would strongly advise you not to take it as a shot. The more correct way to do it is mix about 4 tablespoons with 1 cup of water and stir. Drink it with a straw, to minimize tooth enamel damage from the acid.

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Spott: THanks for the information man. I read about the tooth decay after I took the shot, lol.

It's all clearing up now and looking a lot better. I CUT all DAIRY out of my diet and wow it sure makes a difference. Still doing the vinegar wash about 4 times a week.

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Try using calamine lotion, it has zinc like the Head & Sholders. I have been trying it for a few weeks and it seems to help. Put on at night (yes its pink) wash on in AM, or just leave on for an hour or two. Ive only used for an hour at a time only on spots on face.

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Oh, what Whitefox said, that P.F. stuff. Have you tried anything with tea tree oil? Don't use the stuff full strenght but there are some cleansers with this stuff. I got a KISS MY FACE bar with olive oil and honey but they do sell some with tea tree oil, its anti-fungal. There are probably some other brands with this stuff.

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White Fox::

Thanks/ i am going to give head and shoulders a try vinegar is to much of a hassle.


Woot. I hope head and shoulders clears it all up./ I cut dairy out of my diet and take supplements for my calcium. My acne has cleaned alot just from that. On my face I use some avon stuff Ill get the name of it and post it.

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