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Claravis, alcohol and Mary Jane

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I know it says not to drink alcohol while taking this medicine but I only drink on the weekends so for anyone who is currently taking Claravis do you drink? If so how much? On the weekends I probably drink 5-7 beers a night. I know that sounds excessive but I have a high tolerance. I have my claravis here and am so nervous to take it. I have mile acne but my problem is the acne in the past has left me with scars and I just don't want to get any more zits leading to scars so my derm suggested I take the tane so I will be a much happier person about my apperance. Also what about smoking pot? I probably smoke a bowl a day and was just wondering how taking the claravis and smoking makes you feel. Then there is my diet, I eat low or non-fat dairy products, whole wheats, lean meats, lots of fruits and veggies. I keep reading about how in order for your body to fully absorb the Claravis you should take it with fatty foods. None of the stuff I eat is fatty especially during the week, on the weekends I may splurge and have some pizza or fast food but will I be okay just eating my normal healthy meals? About 2 years ago I use to weight 190 lbs and now I weight 135-140 lbs. I am so scared of getting fat again, hence my diet. Any help is greatly appreciated guys I am so freaking nervous I just want to go home, cry and go to sleep.

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DUDE, don't risk drinking on accutane. I made that mistake and drank only 2-3 drinks on the weekends. After two weeks of taking it (and having an initial breakout) my blood tests came back and my liver enzymes were abnormally high. I had to stop and for a period of two months I was without accutane. I'm taking it again now but I'm pissed because my treatment will run into the summer which means no drinking.

Also, I smoked while on accutane and the only side effect on it was I was extremely emotional on it. Somehow my tolerance went down and I got high off of one hit.

So, now I started again, you can read my log, and I'm not drinking or smoking because I was in the same boat as you (mild acne). Plus, think about it this way: you will save so much money on not drinking or smoking.

I know how hard it may be to stop while on it (i'm in a frat and in college) but trust me, it'll be worth it in the end.

If you're worried about gaining weight on it, I suggest instead of drinking and smoking, you pick up a hobby, a sport, running maybe?

So good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

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