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I wanna get a dermaroller

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I'd like a professional dermaroller which will penetrate the skin and really improve my ice picks, ESPECIALLY my rolling scars. I found a site with different dermaroller models and some rollers have longer needles than others. (the longer the needles are, the more it penetrates.) The only problem is that the site specifies that the longer needle models will only be sold to professionals. I am an experienced needler and I am not afraid of pricking through the skin, but it is difficult to handle a needle by hand to cover the entire face. I want a dermaroller that will achieve the same benefits as handling a single needle. Where can I get one? Can the short-stubbed model achieve just as good results for roling scars and ice picks?

Check 'em out:


This site is too expensive--anyone know a cheaper place? I've actually never heard of one retail store that sells a dermaroller unless it is online.

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look on ebay, some sell 2-2.5 on there for about 150.

$150?! Dayuum!! Thats worse than the site I looked up.

I need somewhere cheap. Thanks.

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$150 is not too bad.

The site you listed has a price of $199, not really sure where you saw them listed for less on that site.

The longest needle length they offer is only 1.5mm.

You could try checking on ebay from time to time. Many auction listings start really low, with a little luck you could get a really good deal.

Also try a quick search on yahoo or google, there are a few places that have them:



Retail stores don't carry dermarollers intended for "medical" use.

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