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too many cups of tea maybe??

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Hey eveyone,i've been reading quite a lot in this forum and there seems to be quite a few threads saying that milk and sugar can lead to breakouts and i drink about 8 cups of tea a day,with two sugars and milk in each cup,is this too much do you think? thinking about it now i actually do think it could be the milk and sugar causing my acne beacuse when i was on vacation last year because it was sooo hot i wasn't drinking any tea just bottles of water, i also was eating just salads,no fatty foods as it was just too hot to eat much and as the vacation was going on my skin became to get clearer and clearer and then by the time it was time to go back home i was basically acne free, so what do you guys think made my skin better, no milk and sugar? lower carb diet? or the sun? also i must mention that as an aftersun cream to heal sunburn i was using fruit of the earth aloe vera gel and was also using this on my face before applying my moisturiser which made my skin soooo wonderfully smooth and i've read in the treatment reviews section of this website that fellow acne sufferers seem to think that this gel helps clear their acne. So what particular thing do you think was helping me clear or was it a mixture of things?

I think i also might do an experiment and cut out milk and sugar from my diet for a while and see how that goes ,how long do you think i should do this to see results(if any)?

Any help would be much appreciated! :D

Bella x

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*backs away slowly* Oh. Okay. Guess you might have to cut out the tea to experiment with a low sugar/milk diet then.

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thats what, 16 spoons of sugar a day.... I was taught that a teaspoon is 4.2 grams. That's 67.2 grams of sugar a day. The official guidelines are no more than 40 grams of sugar per 2,000 calories. you're way over that just with your cups of tea =o

seriously, when you stop having sugar (or reduce it as much as possible), you start craving it less and start getting a more refined taste for things. my sister made me a cup of tea with no sugar in the other day, the first time i had a cup of tea in a whille... and it tasted really nice, i didnt even notice the lack of sugar. and then when we were having lunch, I made myself a cup of tea and through habbit put two sugars in... i couldn't finish it at all, it was horribly sweet.

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I also hate black tea.

I get round it by using light soy milk and sweetners.

Also, try a variety of herbal teas. Some are RANK but lots are lovely!

PS, I have seen on this board that green tea can cause greasiness. But you're not missing out. ITS GROSS, lol

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You guys should try lemon tea if you haven't already. I too can't take it black so I always opt for lemon tea, as that way it eliminates the need for sugar and milk, plus the lemon is high in vitamin C.

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