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Stripping Natural Oils

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I've heard that when you use harsh products on the skin and it strips the oil away, your face creates more oil in return to make up for the loss. I want to know if this is a temporary thing, (eg. I use soap the clean my face one day, and at the end of the day I have more oil than normal), or is it like a permanent "oil stripping" thing that makes my skin produce more oil longterm. I'm asking this because I noticed ever since I went into a hot swimming pool once, my face has become extremely oily and haven't calmed down since. I could be imagining things. I'm also using differin gel, salycic acid gel at night. By the end of the day I have so much oil on my face, including the sides near my eyes. I also have developed a habit to wipe the oil off with my hands, maybe I'm smearing it all over my face? I'm 16 btw, I know it's hormonal but will the oil production decrease drastically or only slightly after I'm done puberty?

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Well it should be temporary. Never use your hand to wipe off the oil. You have all kinds of bacteria on your hands from touching things throughout the day. Use a tissue paper or oil blotter. Yes you could be smearing it around since your hand doesn't absorb the oil.

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Hard to say if your excess oil production will only be temporary, since you're only 16. You could outgrow that as well as acne, or your adult skin type could end up being oily. You had mentioned in another thread that you were going off of all acne treatments for awhile, but one product I can recommend that's great for oil control is Neutrogena on the Spot. It contains oil absorbers. I use this on my forehead and nose, where I'm the oiliest, and it does a pretty decent job. Also great on acne.

As jmcsm had said, the only other thing you can do until your skin sorts itself out is blot the excess oil with tissues or oil blotting sheets. You can purchase these at your local drugstore. Definitely don't use your hand to wipe it if you can help it. Jmcsm is absolutely right. This can contaminate your pores with the bacteria on your hands and possibly lead to more breakouts.

Sorry I couldn't provide a better answer for you. Good luck! :)

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