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Differin .1% -> Differin .3% & Doxycyclin

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I have been on Differin .1% for about 3 months and it has cleared me up a good amount. However, I am still not completely clear and I would consider myself as having mild acne now compared to the moderate acne I originally had. I went back to the derm and he prescribed me a stronger dose of Adalapene (Differin .3%) as well as oral 100 mg Doxycyclin once a day. I haven't seen any results yet other than a minor IB.. I was just wondering if anyone was on a similar regimen and what your results were. Furthermore, the derm asked me to go back in about a month to see how I was doing and claimed that he didn't want to waste time if it wasn't. I am kind of suspicious since the Differin might take longer to take effect and if this was a good time to judge on the medications' effect. Thanks for your time!

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I have severe acne and started using Differin .1% in February. It started to clear up my acne around the 6th week, but I wasn't totally clear by the 8th week so my doctor prescribed me Differin .3%. I've been using it for about 2 weeks and my acne's gotten worse, like my doctor said it would. She said it'll take about 8-10 weeks to see results from Differin, so I'm hoping that in a few weeks my skin will start to clear up.

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