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zits got burnt by BP!!!!

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well, i started my day looking horrified by what i look like..

4 days ago, i decided to use BP..i followed dan's regimen of putting much BP on zits..

i washed my faced with tea tree oil facial wash, then applied bp and moisturizer..well, a day after, i looked like having chicken pox and my zits got burnt i guess, they r all red!!!! i stopped using BP 2 days ago..

does anyone know hot to get rid of it?? i tried using sunblock, but my face is too oily that i cant let it stay long and end up washing often coz i feel so messy..

everytime i saw my face in the mirror, i remember it isnt that worse a week ago..but, im still hoping it will be clear..time heals even if those products wont... :dance:

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Have you use BP before?

It could be a sensitivity or maybe just too much BP too soon. Some people need to ease in to the Regimen. Brandy is the resident expert. I have not personally used The Regimen. Perhaps you can find some additional information here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/The-Acneorg-Regimen-f2.html

thanks cecelia..yeah,i've tried using BP before, about 2 years ago and a doctor friend told me to use tretinoin instead, in which i used within a year, but didnt had my face cleared...

but after reading the stories here..i was convinced to try bp again, i probably had it much...

anyway, will try to figure out the right remedy...


How many times a day are you washing your face? Washing more than twice can also aggrevate your acne and make it worse.

im washing my face 3-4 times a day..i got a very oily skin, so after about an hour after i wash up, oil starts to show again, and i find it messy.. :shifty:

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