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Red spots that dont go away

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I have red spots on the side of my neck and on the back of it, and i use BP on them but nothing happens. They just stay there and dont get any smaller.

What can i do to make them go away. Maybe ice them?

Please answer this question ASAP im not going to be on long....

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Hm, it might be hyper pigmentation/red marks.

They're basically spots that are left after a pimple dies.

Depending on the size of the pimple and whether or not you picked at it will decide how long they stay there for.

They can be really red for a while but when they're fading they turn a pinkish/magenta color and that basically means that theyre disappearing.

They do go away eventually though, and BP has been known to slow down the healing process of red marks so I would just leave them alone and let them heal within time.

Exfoliating, and chemical peels have been known to speed up the healing process of red marks.

Check out the red marks forum on here for more help.

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Maybe it's some kind of rash. Are they raised or flat?

Have you used *any* new products on either your body, clothing or linens? New pets? Out in the grass and touched your neck?

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the ones on the side ive noticed for about a week and a half and theres only 2.

The ones on the back of my neck just randomly showed up 2 days ago theres about 4-5 of them.

None of them itch.

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Odd. Doesn't sounds "rashy". Have you treated them like acne? Used any BP on them? If so, what was the outcome?

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I used BP on the side ones and it didnt realy do too much, except i noticed one of them turned a whitish color but the size was the same.

On the back of my neck i realy havent had too much time to see results, so i couldnt tell you too much.

But would putting ice on them help at all?

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THe last link in my signature will provide some help if those red bumps are indeed cysts. The ice will help decrease the inflammation. Please don't pick at the bumps as that could make them worse by far!

And as far as hiding them, there are many cosmetic products out there including some tinted acne medications. I myself like Everyday Minerals for unobtrusive concealing. Even if you're a guy, you could look into tinted moisturizers and such things. It never hurts to explore your options! :)

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