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what can I do or use while nursing baby?

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Hi I'm new to this forum but not new to having bad acne and skin. sad.gif I am a 22 year old mom with acne that is flaring pretty bad (some cysts, and whiteheads and generally bad bad skin huge pores , also some scars and red marks, oh and huge undereye circles) Anyway I am not willing to wean my baby to take anything for my acne since his need for mama milk is more important than my need to not look like crap lol. But it is really hurting my self confidence and I am really interested in anything natural I can use or take while nursing that will help my skin and not hurt my baby. If anyone has resources to what supplements are ok while nursing that would be great. Also I am interested in diet changes but am curious what those of you who cut out dairy and most carbs eat in a day to get enough calories. Thank you in advance.


(sorry hope its ok I doubled posted here and holistic, not sure where this belongs)

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Your inflammation is most likely due to the roller coaster of hormone production. There are a lot of vitamins you could take to help decrease the dramatic effects on your skin, but in order to find out which ones will work in your specific case, it would be wise to see your dermatologist. You'll probably have a consultation, then a blood test, and then another meeting where she/he prescribes something.

In the meantime, you can go check out the holistic health forum, they will probably have a lot of advice that doesn't require invasive drugs/chemical treatments.

good luck! :)

edit: sorry i just saw your comment on the holistic post......make sure you post your results here too in case people in this forum want to know how it went ;)

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I am in a similar boat right now myself (I've been ttc for number two x 16 months) and haven't found anything that has really helped with my insane skin ever since I got pregnant three years ago. The only thing I would suggest you not do is mess with your diet too much. I don't think cutting out dairy would be a bad idea, but don't mess with your carb intake. Your body needs all the calories it can get right now and carbs offer a quick easy way to get those needed calories. Furthermore, your LO is probably used to your breast milk as it is, so any drastic changes may bother him and his GI system. BTW- How old is your baby?

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