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I am just at rock bottom with this acne. I AM FUCKING SICK OF IT and suffereing from depression because of it.

"I can't take it anymore."

The above statement is all I can ever say, but its not gonna get rid of acne for me.

Nothings going to ever get rid of it for me.

I just can't be happy and it has led me to hate my life.

No Confidence, no motivation to beat acne anymore as its impossible, just let down by myself all the time as nothing works. No confidence, no complete social joy, no happiness = No Life :cry::cry::cry:

Just had it man you know? :cry::cry: :cry

Iv been told I will be referred to the dermatoligist from the doctor. That was nearly a month since I was told that, anyone any idea how long it takes to get to the dermatologist through the NHS?

I just can't live my life like this, living at rock bottom.

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yes, acne can do that to a person...you know, put them on the ground praying in fetal position. it's pretty much taken everything from me...definitely the worst thing that's ever happened to me but after a while you get use to absolutely hating yourself in everyway. only advice i can give you is hurry and get that derm appointment and get on tane. nag your doctor to death...it may help...who knows.

try your hardest to not think about it because it'll only tear you pieces.

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Sorry to hear you're having such a rough time, I've been feeling pretty down too lately about my scars. It's made worse by the fact that I'm pretty much stuck with them for life. I just feel so hopeless.

In regards to NHS waiting lists... they vary quite considerably depending on where you are. I was advised that the wait in my case would be from around 2 months upwards, but you may have a shorter, or indeed a longer wait, it's impossible to say for certain unfortunately. I'd suggest calling up your GP and asking them if they have any idea how long it'll take, they may at least be able to give you a rough idea... I can imagine how terrible the waiting must be when you have no idea when it will end.

The alternative is to go privately so that you can more or less skip the waiting list, and then transfer back onto the NHS once you've had your first consultation. That's the way I did it, but it can still be expensive. Personally, it was worth every penny as I was already scarring badly and couldn't bear to let things escalate while I sat around waiting to see a dermatologist. Thankfully, my nan offered to pay, else there's no way I would have been financially able to afford it. I know for most people though, going privately isn't an option because of the high cost.

In the meantime, (easier said than done, but) try to take some comfort in the knowledge that you'll be seeing a dermatologist sometime hopefully in the not too distant future, so there's likely a brighter horizon ahead. It may not help much but it still doesn't hurt to look on the positive side of things.

I do sympathise with you when it comes to the waiting-game, though. It's incredibly frustrating :doubt:

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Thanks for that info.

What price range are we talking about for going private to a dermatologist for acne?

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I can't recall exactly how much it cost me, but it was probably somewhere in the region of £90 just for an initial consultation of a few minutes or so. I was also put on a course of roaccutane, so I had to pay for the blood tests, urine tests, etc.. it can all tot up to quite a substantial sum. Depending on how long it would take for you to be transferred back onto the NHS, having to pay up to something like £1000 in total in the worst possible scenario wouldn't be completely out of the question, when you add up all the separate visits to your dermatologist. Of course, if you aren't to go on roaccutane I would imagine it'd cost a lot less than that, as you wouldn't be needing to go monthly and have all the blood checks and other fun stuff done... still, it can leave quite the dent in your backpocket depending upon the circumstances. Don't quote me on the prices though, as I'm sure it varies considerably... you're probably best to check with a specific clinic exactly how much you'd be looking at having to pay before embarking down the private route and finding yourself with a shocking bill later on.

If you're lucky enough to get a nice dermatologist, they'll try to help your transferral back onto the NHS take place as quickly as possible and they might also cut back on the charges (I noticed that mine had ommitted various charges I should have paid from the invoice I received), but there's no knowing who you'll end up with, unless you find a recommendation from somewhere and end up asking for a specific dermatologist.

I suppose it just comes down to how long you're willing to wait; whether shelling out to go privately would be worth it for you. As I said before though, it may be useful to phone your GP and ask if they have any idea of how long the waiting lists are in your area. Perhaps they'll be able to put your case through as being urgent, though I'm not sure it's possible for them to have much say in when you can be seen. Worth a try though.

Good luck, I hope you'll be able to see a derm soon without having to shell out the cash.

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