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Just a bit of background info on myself....

I'm currently 21 (turning 22 in June) and im 5'2" weigh 110 pounds.... my diet is generally healthy, but when i go out i splurge unneccessarily.. i drink socially.. i have brown skin.

i've had acne for about 8-9 years now and it goes up and down.. in middle school i would get them on my nose... in highschool i got monsterous ones on my upper cheeks (they didn't go away for YEARS, i dont even think they were acne) and little (but several) ones on my forehead and chin. every medication that i've tried has not really worked for me...

i've tried:

this one that you had to store in the fridge -- not sure what its called but it didn't work

tretinoin mild gel -- i don't even remember if it worked.. all i remember was that it was a bitch to get off and that just ended up irritating the skin even more

differin gel 0.1% - reallllllllllllllllllllllly dried out my skin... i don't really think it worked to prevent any new pimples at all either.. but i still use it occasionally b/c it does help to reduce them.

proactiv - OMG... i followed their regimen to the T and my face literally went RED (i'm brown.. my face doesn't go red) but it went BLOOD RED.. i got freaked out. i've now learnt that i have sensitive skin. so i started using the products seperately (ie. cleanser in the morning, toner at night, sulfur spot treatment sometimes) didn't really do anything.

vichy cleanser (the one in the green bottle)- i think this worked best for me.. it left my skin feeling clean and fresh... i might go back to it

spectro jel (purple) - its ok, but my problem is it doesn't take off makeup... how good couuld it be cleaning if it doesn't take off makeup! my derm says that its good im using spectro.. but i duno if she just endorses it for monetary compensation ahhaa (you never know these days)

aloe - raw from the plant.. works great on scars. its not a miracle treatment though.. i've been using it for months now and im starting to see the difference

not caring - the BEST treatment ever.. last summer i was CLEAR b/c i didn't even think about acne! and you know what bitch (i'm talking to acne) YOU ARE GONNA BE GONEEEEEEEEE

i've tried a lot more products, will list them as i remember (i want to have my own record so i can see what worked for me)

today i went to the derm (my first visit with this particular derm) she perscribed me minocin and clindamycin to take for 2 months until i visit again (where she is going to analyze my blood test results to see if it is hormonal or not)... after lookign at the reviews on this site i've decided NOT to purchase this. i'm sick and tired of using harsh chemicals on my face.. and i don't want to become reliant on antibiotics.

my regimin currently:


wash face with spectro jel

apply proactiv BP to only affected areas

moisturize with biore pore minimizer

drink 2 tsp ACV

during the day

apply acv (really diluted in water b/c of my sensitive skin -- probably 10:1 water to acv ratio) with a cotton ball to my scars and red marks and wash off after 15-20 mins


wash face with spectro jel/or if i have makeup on use neutrogena wipes

apply baking soda paste to active pimples (or new ones that are developing) for 10 minutes

wait for redness to cool down

drink 2 tsp ACV

apply proactiv BP only to affected areas

apply differin to active pimples

apply aloe vera to red marks

what i want my regimen to be (its hard coming off the chemicals... its engraved in my mind that they're doing something for me.. its like a bad addiction that i need to kick)


do the dip regimen (as perscribed by moojamba), maybe in slightly less heated water

moisturize with biore

drink 2 tsp ACV (reduce as time goes by)

during the day/when i come back home

take off makeup with neutrogena

apply acv to my scars and red marks

dip regimen


dip regimen

baking soda if needed



once in a while --> do the steam as recommended by moojamba (i really think he's on to something!)

WOW that took a while to write... i'm going to do my first dip today.. so i'll see how it goes and will post results up here.

Oh and i forgot to say.. apparently i have Molluscum contagiosum.. GOD KNOWS how i got it... i haven't had a boyfriend in ages... i havent gone swimming since last summer... WTF! well she liquid nitrogenated (new word, hah) me today.. hopefully they'll come off ASAP

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Alright.... so after reading moojamba's forum in more depth, i decided that maybe the dip wasn't for me seeing as i have sensitive skin. I did a steam instead... it felt wonderful. I'm planning on doing that maybe once a week or so.

How i did it - boiled some water in a pot (less than half full), brought the pot to my kitchen table, had Seinfeld on, put a towel over my head (it was a medium sized towel, so it covered the pot as well), and basked in the extreme heat for 10 minutes. it was kind of difficult to breathe, so i came up for air a few times.

The molluscum is really annoying... i think i figured out how i got it. I've had it since December (looking at some pics yest). In august/2007 i went to las vegas with my girlfriends and of course we went in the pool... so im thinking that it came from there. Apparently the bumps can take anywhere from 2 weeks - 6 months to actually show up after you get infected. Anyways, the bumps have gotten bigger and MORE UGLY. its so gross... i dont even want to go out. has anyone had experience with this?? my mum says it looks liek they're drying up so i will be optimistic.

the acne -- its not so bad. i mean i have 4 pimples on my face. the ACV is really helping. its just the red marks that are still there. the right side of my cheek is PIMPLE FREE and my red marks are fading =) wooo! the left side is where i have the ugly molluscum and 2 pimples and a lot more red marks. my forehead has 1 pimple and 2 red marks... and my chin has 5 little red marks and 1 huge pimple that is forming.. but i think i have it under control so it wont actually come out and be ugly

my regimen for when i feel a pimple coming on: (at night) cleanse with spectro, baking soda paste on it for 10 mins, medicate with a whole lot of bp, apply differin at night..it has worked miracles on pimples that i thought were going to be UGLY and HUGE before -- mainly on my chin.. it DOES NOT work on whiteheads though (usually cuz i dont feel them coming, i.e. they don't hurt)

i forgot to mention b4 that every morning (unless ihave to get up early) i drink lemon and honey mixed in boiling water... supposed to be good for u.. but again it takes months if not a year to see the results --> healthy skin.

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Had another exam today.... and skin is looking pretty good still. I think my derm is an idiot. The molluscum that i have is getting better for sure, but she sprayed PIMPLES. I told her that i thought they were pimples and she kept saying no no, they aren't. BUT THEY ARE pimples, they turned into whiteheads yesterday.. i swear some derms don't know any better than us with a little bit of research. and my other problem with derms (and some docs, thank god my family doc isn't like this) is that they're so RUSHED. like calm down and help ur friggen patients... we know u have a tight schedule but still man. u wait 2 months for this appt and then u get 5 minutes with a doc who just does what u could have done anyway.

anyways. my red marks are annoying now. i want to get rid of them!! i also have these bumps under my skin that are only visible through some angles... i dont know wat to do about those either. im going to look for products for that. my pimples are going down and no new breakouts wooot! but my skin is so dry.. i keep picking it and i need to stop! and the bp is giving me wrinkles.. my derm said it was just dry skin.... but ever since i started using it (more than a month ago) i've gotten smile lines :( im only 21. this shouldnt be happening. i want to get off the bp asap. my fingertips are also really dry and no matter how much cream i apply they wont go back to normal.

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I am so proud of myself. I kicked my habit of using BP. today i was examining my face and one pimple that i had earlier is going down and its on my lower forehead near my eye... and i SAW WRINKLES ON MY EYE........... omg i nearly died. my right eye looks like its 40 years old and the left one looks normal... omg. omg omg. that was the last straw for me. i'm gonna throw it out tonight. i applied cream and everything but the lines are still there. NO MORE BP NO MATTER WHATTT!

and i've changed my perception of spectro... i actually think i like it now... my complextion is clearing up... its kinda starting to glow. i'm not sure what to thank for that, but yay for me.... for everyone keep believing that your acne will get better. everyday i've been truly believing that my acne WILL get better and it has... it will only improve. yours will too.

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ok ok i figured that i needed to calm down after that rant. its just PIMPLeS after all. who cares. i'm probably not going to log my progress anymore b/c i really dont want to think bout acne at all. i'm trying my "not caring regime" which worked ever-so-perfectly last summer. from now on its good music, fun times, and travelling for me!!! (well after exams) but really, this site is great for those who need support because i have recieved nothing but helpful hands after i joined. to all those that let acne rule your life -- DONT! you are so much better than that, and i know everyone has potential to be something great. just have the confidence and don't be afraid to take risks because of your acne. it's not something that prohibits you from doing anything in this world -- remember what you HAVE (health) versus what you don't (clear skin). there are many people in this world who cannot do certain things because of physical/mental restrictions but WE HAVE NO BARRIERS.

Good luck to all in their endeavors... i wish you nothing but success

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Ir's a journey regardless. Your face and your health is part of it. Nothing stays perfect, but we can maintain it. Even maintaining anything in life such as maintaining a car, after so many years no matter how well we take care of the car, we still will get a new car inevitably. What I am saying is blemishes on the face will inevitable appear even those with perfect skin. Celebrities are known for four to five hours of make-up.

You're right on many points though. Keep pushing on :)

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Yes... I am back. After almost 2 years of being away. What can I say, the "not caring" regimen really works -- if you can genuinely believe in it. Who was I kidding... how is it possible to get acne off your head when you see yourself in the mirror everyday? Don't get me wrong -- it's still not stopping me from doing what I want in life...it's just super annoying that I am now 23 and still dealing with it.

These past two years have gone up and down. I'll be clear (with red marks) and think that "ok, all i need to do now is get rid of these red marks" and then 3 more zits pop up. FML.

I'm thinking it might be my diet now because I went on the birth control pill with moderate success in the beginning to none during my latter months of using it. So, I have officially cut out milk and cheese products -- however yogurt still remains in my diet (according to the Harvard studies, yogurt does not spike insulin levels).

I have cut out milk for about 2 months now actually... and the acne didnt get a whole lot better but there were less frequent break outs. Cutting cheese is so difficult for me cause I am definately a cheese lover. Effing cheese... you may be the culprit to my acne. But anyways... I just completed day 2 of no milk/cheese and have not noticed anything yet. i doubt i will for another month or so. also, i'm a huge carb eater... fml double time. it must be my diet... i love how the docs say diet and acne are unrelated... but most people on here who have cured their acne have done it through diet changes...

i'm also trying to wean myself off exfoliators as they just strip away your essential oils. i also like to use jojoba oil on my skin at night. it lessens the severity of red marks that may occur after pimples and CLEARS BLACKHEADS LIKE NO ONE'S BUSINESS. but i noticed that sometimes i would get really weird bumps on my skin after using the oil... i dont know if that was just purging.

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Day 3 was a success but I loooooove cheese. it's getting harder and harder each day. i bought tea tree oil today but i got really scared after reading some of the reviews (people breaking out in severe cystic acne)... but the majority of them were positive. i used a bit onmy face today so hopefully my skin is ok tomorrow.

didn't put on any prescription meds for the 2nd night in a row (right now i have Retin A, benzacilyn, differin)

i'm also approaching that time of the month... so maybe thats why i had a bad breakout. i dont know.

i'm also only eating whole wheat bread/pasta for the 3rd day.

anyhoo... i'm super tired and have a long day at work tomorrow. will write more.

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5th day! i must admit, i did have a tiny bit of cheese today. i dont think it will do anything though... i'm used to eating lots of cheese on everything. i havent broken out from the tea tree oil so thats good news... but its also not doing anything at all.

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ok so i think the tea tree is really harsh because i put it on one of my active pimples and it completely burnt it... weird huh. well i didnt put it on tonight. maybe i'll do it every other day.

no new breakouts! my face is still super oily though... my hair gets really oily really fast too.

my blackheadds cleared in 3 days of using jojoba oil. wooohoo

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