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I can't believe after EVERYTHING I've Tried...

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I am 32 with adult acne that started around age 23. I have tried so many, many treatments and within 2 weeks was resigned to the fact that it either was not going to work for me or that it made it worse.

I just had my last ditch effort just WEEKS ago of trying the Murad system. What a horrible mistake that was. After the 3rd day, I broke out horribly(worse than normal), my pores were the biggest they have ever been and my skin was rough like an orange peel. It took about 6 weeks for that to go away, but I was still broken out.

I decided I was stuck living this way and started to try and take supplements and evening primrose oil to at least get healthier. It's been a 5 weeks and I will never stop taking all of my supplements and I am adding a few more.

I started DKR April 11th and now it is the 20th and I can't believe after all of the crap I have been putting my face and mind through for 9 YEARS, a clear face could be this simple.

I just want to say "Daniel Kern, I love you!"

By the way, the redness and peeling is NOTHING compared to Retin a micro for four years. In fact, I don't even have a problem with redness and peeling that a slather of moisturizer won't cure. My face is as smooth and healthy looking as when I was a teenager. I never had these results with any other treatment. EVER. (with the exception of Obagi skin peel, but that was drastic and I will probably never go through with it again, unless I am old and need to get rid of some wrinkles).


PS. I just can't believe it.

*UPDATE* 4-22-08 I woke up with a dime sized cystic acne underneath my eye on my cheek, and a new nodule on my chin (others are still in the process of going away). I am a little worried that this will continue, but am hopeful that maybe this is the initial breakout from already-forming acne just making its way to the top.

Everything else is clear and I haven't had any others types of breakouts.

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Yay!!! :dance:

Isn't the regimen just the best?! I'm so happy it worked for you. I also cleared up quickly, and have been clear for over a month now. 36 yrs old and battling acne since age 12.

Now that you're clear, it can get tempting to get lazy. Just keeping doing the regimen, and it'll keep working for you.

Congrats, and enjoy the new clear you!!!! :D

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