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How many of you are familiar with herbs?

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Right now Im more interested in fighting my acne internally. Im at the point where topicals bother my face, my skin has become that sensitive and irritation prone.

Ive been looking into herb supplements. My local natural health food store was recommending me some and I would go to a homeopath to ask whats good, bad, safe, etc. but I dont have one in my area.

So far this is what ive gathered. Echinacea is supposed to be very good. It raises the immune system, also stimulates the body to produce more white blood cells which in turn fight of bacterial infections. The lady at the store said that Echinacea had been used for some time to treat acne, normally you start topically and then go internally. Anyone know more about this?

A second one is Goldenseal, Ive heard this is very good at fighting off bacterial infections also.

Neem oil is a third. Apparently Neem oil has plenty of medical and scientific backing behind the claims that are made about it. It is supposed to be one of the most potent anti bacterial, biotic, and microbial of natural herbs. This is sold at my local store, but its sold in the oil form, which I thought about trying topically. Its also said to help with dry skin.

I dont really know of any others. If you do, please lets discuss them. Other supplements are lovely, but I want herbal supplements. So lets chat :)

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Ok, only one I know there is Echinacea, which I use a lot. Never thought of it with regards acne though. Thing is it will give you immune system a boost, thats what its known best for doing. I came across it when Id been sick for a very long time and needed to build myself up again. If you feel a cold or flu coming on taking some can be great, more oftenh than not the cold or flu will never appear. Or if you've dont a course of antibiotics your immune system will need a booster.

But I have also heard that its not something to take on regular basis long term so Id be wary of using to it combat acne for that reason. You dont want your immune system dependent on it, its needs to be able to build its self up. short sharp spurts of it is best, Id be careful about using it regularly.

Its great stuff, I highly reccommend it, just not for long term use is all :)

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Yea I heard that also. It was my first choice but the more reading I do on it, it says long term use isnt the best. Apparently your body can start to become immune to it, so your supposed to use it no longer then a couple weeks and then take a couple off. So I guess i'll throw that one out, haha.

Thanks for your input though, if I ever get sick, or feel it coming on, i'll definitely try it for that. :)

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