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A few questions in relation to Minomycin

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Just a few questions..responses would be appreciated

OK, so I went to the doctor today, to get a medical certificate for missing a week of work due to the flu. Just as I was getting up to leave I thought "hey what the hell" and asked "do you have anything you can perscribe me for my acne?(I get little condones/bumps on my upper back & chin that occasionally turn into pimples; more likely on my upper back) He gave me a script for minomycin, I just have a few questions as I didn't really get a chance to ask.. he was like seeing me out as he was writing it . It's mild acne, but still irritates me at times.

1) Is there an initial outbreak?

2) Can it be used in conjunction with the regimen

3) Will it affect my bodybuilding/martial arts endeavors

4) Is it likely to work? If so, When?

5) Will use prolong teenage acne?(is it possible to grow out of acne while on it; my dad suffered from mild acne until he was about 19-20, I just turned 19.

6) Will it harm my hand-eye coordination?

7) Will it be detrimental to my general health and quality of life?

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1. no

2. yes

3. no

4. possibly yes. if it works for you, it should start working almost immediately within a week.

5. yes

6. no. antibiotics don't affect you in this way

7. no. no real devastating side effects.

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i doubt any acne medication can work within a week. On the instructions it says to wait 6 weeks and if there is no improvement change the med. It also says to wait 6 months for the full benefit.

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I've been using it for 4 months now. during the middle of the course, I stopped it just to see what would happen for about a week... a few days later new acne was forming, so I went back on it.

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To answer #7, I was on mino for 16 months and I noticed my eyesight got much worse in that time period, which can most likely be attributed to genetics but was possibly effected by the drug. A very rare side-effect though according to the leaflet. Watch out for hyperpigmentation, though.

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I've been on minomycin for almost 5 months now, have been 100% clear virtually the whole time i've been on it. But i've also been taking clindamycin and Stieva-A. However I believe the mino is mostly responsible as my back is also clear too.

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Hey bern... Are you taking Stieva-A? This is supposed to be a milder form of tretinoin, right? Supposed to be 0.01% as opposed to the typical 0.25%... Just want to ask you how did you find it? Does it make your face very red? Is it as effective as differin?

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I'm using the 0.1% solution, which I believe is the strongest, I started off on 0.025 then 0.05 now on 0.1. It seems to be working well for me in clearing red marks. I have really had no side affects with it, it did make my face a little red at the start, but it seems fine now. No real peeling to speak of either.

As for it being as effective as differin I don't know because i've never used it. I think the main purpose of Stieva-A is to clear red marks on the face, I still have some red marks which are very stubborn, and some shallow scarring, clearing this takes a lot of patience unfortunately.

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