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Accutane : The Ultimate Quest For Clear Skin!

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I remember looking at this very forum about a year ago when I was considering going on accutane. As my story is a success story, I thought I'd post about it here and hopefully make some of you feel a bit better about life :)

(Well, that's my intention anyway...)

So~! I was prescribed accutane back in the July of last year when I was 15. I had... I think 'moderate acne' was the term my dermatologist used. Basically, my skin was pretty bad and had been for a good six months or so. The problem areas (as it were) were my face, my back and my chest. The lovely doctor put me on 40 mg a day.

SIDE AFFECTS --> In the first month or so I had really bad pains in my lower back - these were felt mainly when I got up from sitting down or when I went to lay down in bed. These continued for a fairly long time, but became less strong and eventually faded away to nothing. It is worth saying that I no longer have these back pains now so no lasting damage was done :) The worst side affect by far (and I think this is most common one) was the dryness of my lips. This was a royal pain in the ass and I still feel emotionally scarred when I see a tin of vaseline :( Funnily enough, dry lips only came to be during my final months on the medication (3rd, 4th, 5th). Fortunately, once I came off the medication my lips returned to normal (thank God). I also had fairly dry eyes, but this was easily sorted with eye lubricating drops :) Finally, I had a rash on my hands and lower arms that would appear, stay for a few days and then go. It was kinda like eczema I guess (which I'd never had before) - it wouldn't itch, but the skin was dry and it would sting a little. This would come and go every few months.

(This doesn't sound very life affirming, but it gets better!)

SKIN CONDITION --> It is worth noting that things got considerably worse before they got better. My skin condition deteriorated in the first 6 weeks or so. After that, it stayed at a constant level and then began to improve. You don't really notice it at the time, but you look in the mirror one day and notice how much clearer your skin looks (and then you hate the accutane people a little less). My back and chest cleared up first - they were pretty much clear by the 3rd month. By Nov/Dec (the 5/6th month I'd been on the medication) my skin was all cleared up :)

At that time, I was left to deal with the problem of the scarring my good friend acne had left behind :) It wasn't very deep, just a bit of redness. I've been using differin cream since then and the redness has practically all gone.

So, I guess what I want to say to any one still in that "WTF? Accutane is a lying $%^&!" stage is that it's worth persevering!

If you have any questions, comments, general philosophies, now is the time to state them :)

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Haha, I love your little note about looking each day, seeing it get clearer, and hating the accutane makers a little less.

Congrats Yaya.

I'm on day 2. So far, so good.

Your story sounds a lot like mine, so hopefully I'll have the same ending.

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Thanks for posting your success story!

I'm on Day 7 right now and I've gotten my IB...and it's the worse my skin has ever been in haha, I was shocked when I looked in the mirror cause 5+ big, red, inflamed ones popped out of nowhere =/.

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