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Erika Kidd

Here I go! Let's hope I can pull though! (with pics)

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I've decided to give the AcneFree Clear Skin System a whack. I'm going to keep tabs of my progress here.

I'll post pics too.

Oh, and I've also stopped drinking soda. I know that's probably a myth, but it makes me feel better anyway.

Wish me luck :D

Day 1 Saturday April 19th 2008



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Well, It almost seems like my acne has gotten a little worse, but from the reviews I've read this is to be expected. The medicine has to pull all the acne to the surface to start working. I just found out my brother used this product and he's given it high reviews. He says it takes about a week to see real changes.

I lost the battle with temptation and popped that annoying pimple under my nose. Other than that I'm trying my hardest to not touch my face. It's a hard habit to break.

Day 2






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Day 3

Well, last night my face had a loooot of little pimples that were new, and they had all already come to a head. I resisted the temptation of squeezing them all, and put my stuff on for the night.

This morning, my face has significantly improved. All the pimples I had are either a lot smaller or gone. My skin actually looks a lot healthier. It's smoother and softer.

I noticed I'm not experiencing the dryness and redness with this kind of medication that I usually experience.

Overall, I'd say there's a 20% improvement in my skin. I can't wait to see what it will be like after 7 days :D

I'd post a picture, but my dad borrowed the camera.

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Day 6? I'm having trouble keeping track.

Well dangit. I seem to be stuck at this 20% mark, and a few big pimples have popped up, but seem to have shrank-but-won't go completely away. Also, this product has been pretty mild on my skin so far, but last night it itched and burned, and my face seems redder this morning. I think this is because I'm supposed to use sunscreen with it, and I did, but I used an SPF 15 and I spent a lot of time in the 78 degree weather yesterday.

So, the weeks almost over and my face isn't clear yet. I'm going to keep using it, (probably not as much of it until the sunburn goes away.)I'm going to try it for 4 weeks and if it doesn't work, I'm going to try switching to something else.

My current problem zits are this red on just above my right eyebrow, one on my left cheek and two on my right cheek.

Also, does anyone else have the problem that when they're face gets red, the area around their mouth doesn't? I could attribute this to the fact that I don't apply the BP around my mouth, but it always does that, even if my face is red from like, exercising or crying. It's terribly annoying :angry:

I'd post pics, but my dad still has my camera. Soon though, I promise.

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In my opinion, 4 weeks time period is not a good judgement to see if the regimen works for you or not. The skin regenerates differently for everybody. When I first started the DK regimen, it took 2 months to see a great contrasting difference. By the look of your pictures, your acne is mild. I know you're using an acne system by AcneFree and I've used it before.

I think you should give it two months because

1. Your skin has to get used to the product such as reddening, itching are the side effects of getting used to the product. In my case, it took a month for my skin to not be so red after an application of BP.

2. When your skin gets used to it, it'll be as easy to put a lot of BP. It won't turn your skin red or anything but clearing the skin at a faster rate.

3. What you're going through with BP is not any different from any treatments that utilizes BP. I suggest you stick with it. :)

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day 8

Well, My skin is looks pretty good right now. Except for the sun burn, but it's fading quickly.

It's a little dry. I've got to find a good moisturizer. Other than that, the only real problems I'm having is one HUGE zit on the side of my nose. The painful kind. I've got another smaller painful one on my left temple.

Pictures....Natural light! Ugh!

Note the flaky skin around my mouth. This is a problem.




Ignore my eye makeup. I know it's smudged...

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Your skin is looking really good! I am really envious because I wouldn't say that you even had a problem with acne!

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well, My skins still a little dry. I'm using aloe vera gel as a moisturizer right now. It's cleared up a LOT. That big pimple on my nose is not as painful and not as big. My blackheads are having trouble clearing up, I think that I'll use a biore strip for those suckers.

I started the National Body Challenge on the Discovery Health website, so let's add exercise to my regimen, shall we.

All in all, a good day.

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I've started only using the acne free at nights, since it's so drying. I use the cleanser in the mornings though. My face is looking pretty good. I've got some scars to deal with. I've also got the two big ones on the side of my nose still yet.

I've been working out pretty hard. 10 minutes of an aerobic video, walk for 30 minutes, and 20 situps. Today I went with my aunt on a hike and climbed a giant hill. I guess Dan's right in that exercise is a GREAT stress reliever.

Also, I found an AWESOME makeup. It's the first makeup I've ever been able to wear without it breaking my skin out. Loreal Bare Naturale is it's name, and awesome coverage with SPF and not clogging pores is it's game. Check it out, I highly recommend it.

here's the website.

That's all for today.

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Wow, that's really good that you've found some foundation that doesn't break you out. I would so try it if I wasn't suffering from this goddamn flaky skin - I think a powder would just make it look even worse!

Hope everything is going OK with your regimen :)

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