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I feel I'll never be happy at this point. I've been so up and down, on tons of

meds, therapists, psychiatrists, I do what they say, I wait, I'm patient, why don't

I get better?! Oh my god I'm gonna go insane, I'm so freakin' worn out, I've

been doing this for a year!

Nothing can help anymore, I just hate my damn face and when I look in the

mirror I wanna scream. What is wrong with me? I don't know why I hate it I

just do. :wall: What's it gonna take to be normal?

Sorry 'bout this ... bad day.

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I'm sorry to hear that your feeling down at the mo. All i can say is that I guess everyone has moments of abject nihilism, when things seem so hard its like the sun has been removed from your life. I have been in that mindset in the past and it is hard- i tried to get past it through therapy, indulging in activities that i thought would help dull the pain.

In the end the thing that helped me was just talking to my best friend, my only friend at the time. As talking to people helps us offload us worries and build up our character so that we can face the erratic nature of life. People are always there for you, you just need to have a little faith. :angel:

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My best advice, is to not be concerned what other people think of you, I know its a VERY hard thing to do. But if you don't think about it then you don't have to worry. and being worried all the time leads to stress. and you know what that may bring....

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nothing will help you, except time. it's like breaking up a relationship. you go through pain and after a while, you adapt. nothing you can do about it

you've been through it for a year? cuz i've been going through it for more than 10. it gets better. trust me

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well, it don't get better for me.

tried chewing a 40mg+ oxycodone? that'll make you feel better than any SSRI... Tricyclic... whatever... I wish they'd just prescribe that instead.

I might ask next time "can I just have the 30mg codeines? please? I'll leave you all alone if you post a box through my door every week" (watch the paracetamol people :hand: )

I'd rather live my life smackerooned and happy than sober and miserable as fuck, and no, it's not the same as an alcohol drunk, you do not lose control of your mind. Read Quincey's "Confessions of an English Opium Eater </offtopic>

(ok, i'll edit it, don't become addicted to opiates, it's against the law, blah, etc)

oh and I did say you were beautiful in a PM and it's true, post your profile pic on "hot or not" and I guarantee it'd be over an 8.5. (not that I really agree with such a superficial, infantile site, but still)

if I had to look at your face every morning I wouldn't need any meds at all :wub::wub::wub:

good luck with your BDD

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If you concern yourself more with improving yourself or pursuing a hobby, or learning something new, you won't even think about your face and you will be happier. From your photo, you're a beautiful young woman. Enjoy life as best you can; it only gets better each and every day.

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I know exactly how you feel. I have gotten so depressed I've forgot why I even get out of bed or put up with life. If only it was easier and I could be normal and accept myself, but I can't because I'm not normal. Acne has ruined my life and has damaged everything else.

I'm sorry I'm not giving any happy advice.

Just try and do what you think is best, what ever it may be.

It's your life.... live the way you want.

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I had the impression that you had cleared up almost completely by managing your diet for three+ weeks. Heck, I even came across a related pic.

what up then?


Postscript : Are you a freak ? :redface:

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It's never as bad as it seems. Just know that there are people here and IRL that you can talk to and that everything's moving towards something better.

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Yes, my face is clear, I'm still allowed to hate it aren't I?

And what I meant by a "year" was that I've been working on healing

myself for the past year, psychologically. Actually I've had this problem

for almost 8 years, I'll be 18 in a few weeks.

Thanks anyhow everybody. I'm going to Prom tonight, hopefully I feel alright. :pray:

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