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Met with the Dermatologist...

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I met with the Derm today and got a couple little extractions done and asked them how to treat my problem with whiteheads/blackheads. They gave me some pads that are 2% SA and 2% Glycolic acid called Glycolix. Has anyone ever tried this product?

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how to make red marks from past pimples fade more quickly? Will tanning help this out? Thanks!

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I have never tried that particular product but I have found glycolic acid to be effective against some of my blackheads (though that was with a 10% concentration). I havent tried salicylic acid but I would think the two combined might be quite effective.

and tanning would probably make your red marks less apparent yes.

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Thanks, did glycolic acid make you breakout at first or irritate your skin at all?

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I didnt find it made me break out but my skin is a little sensitive and it did get irrated when i used it every day. I swithed to using it every other day and that seemed fine.

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Tanning does help with red marks but it only hides them! I noticed in the summer I was getting a lot of compliments saying my skin looked better because it was such a perfect even shade of tan but when winter came along and my tan faded, my marks showed again. Ugh my red marks take over a year to fully go away.

Tanning booth won't do anything, they just make you orange. Make sure to go out and get a natural tan on the beach or something. Wear plenty of sunscreen with good SPF!

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Should these wipes with SA and Glycolic make me have a bit of a purge/initial breakout? I've been using it for 3 days and it seems to becoming a bit worse. I dont really want to give up on this already so please let me know, thankssss!

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