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NHSFL causing dryness :(

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Hey everyone,

Ok so first impressions were wrong!!! Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion (NHSFL) dint cause me any stinging and i was happy abt that..

But 2 days after using it, i realised that my skin had kind of become rough and dry. There was a little peeling in some areas.. it still doesnt sting though...is this normal? will it get better..and will i get the nice soft skin that ppl who use this lotion claim it gives?

Pls help!!!


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It may be too strong for you to use every day. Try using it every other day, alternating with a regular moisturizer. Or, if you've been using it twice daily, try once daily and see if that's better.

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Yeah, that doesn't sound too unusual, especially if you used a fair amount of the lotion. It exfoliates away the thick top layer of your skin, but it takes time and regular use to completely do so. If you're just starting, it's only done a little bit of exfoliation and may not have done so evenly, resulting in flakes and peeling. Keep using it and after a few weeks I think you'll be much happier with the texture of your skin. You might alternate it with a regular moisturizer every other night for a little while if you feel like it's not hydrating enough for now.

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Thanks Brandy and Cool as kim deal,

You guys r soo helpful :D. really appreciate it. this website has the most active and helpful community.. ill do as u guys say and use it once a day from now on..and maybe decrease the amount a little. cant wait to see improvement in a few weeks!

thanks again :)

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