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Do you think germs or bacteria cause acne?

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I have this crazy paranoia that whenever something dirty touches my face I might get acne where it touched me.. I was in gym today and a couple of hands touched my face.. and every time something like that happens I just get a little upset..

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I used to be like that except with my whole body - I would shower several times a day and my skin got horribly dry. I think I just outgrew it though.

I guess anything touching your face is just skin irritation, so yeah, that's not good for your acne.

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Any particular spot is caused by bacteria, but *acne* is something that makes your skin sensitive to that bacteria; and it's probably something internal, like poor diet.

And there's no way you could live in a sterile environment; it's just not possible. Actually I find that washing too much hurts more than helps.

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Moving to another forum; this topic does not directly relate to new studies or developments in acne research, and this forum area tries to maintain that focus (actual studies and research).

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i used to think that way. i washed my hands constantly liek a doctor. i changed my pillow case every night and never let anything touch my face. even a lover's clean hands.

well now that accutane has cut my oil down, i dont get acne at all. i dont wash my hands or face. i rub my face on my cat, the floor, sleep on a dirty pillow case 2 months without washing, and NO ACNE. just like being a dirty, grimy, little kid again!

its the bacteria that makes it get inflammed. but its bacteria that is already part of the natural flora of your skin. it can't colonize a pore unless it already blocked with oil and skin cells.

so yes, its the bacteria, but only in the presence of a blocked pore. so no, its not the germs, which come into contact with your skin from touching.

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