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young body acne.

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As a 7th grade middle school student i have suffered with body acne since the 6th grade. I first started having mild break outs on my face that werent too bad and easy to cover. Then it spreaded like wild fire to my upper left and right arms. I remeber they used to be so smooth, so what happened. What did i do wrong? All of my friends have clear everything. I tend to get embarresed and shy around them if i am wearing a tank top or something. i have tried covering it up for 2 years now. And i never even thought of trying to fix it.

I always wondered what was this horrible thing on my arms. I mean, they were every where. i thought i had a disease or something. But no, it was body acne. It first started on my face, then my upper amrs, then my legs, and now my back. My back and my arms are the worse. They arn't very serveir but it kills not to be able to wear a tank top or a bathing suit properly. I

always scratched and picked at them for hours and i just basically talked to them saying to GGO AWAY!! That was how frustrated i was.

Then, i said to myself this all needs to stop so i searched the web and found you guys. This site seems really interesting actually. Well here it goes:

First i tried just washing my body acne away, and this didn't work at all.

Then i put medication that i had laying around the house. It kind fo worked but not really.

So my back acne is what i'm really worried about. It is leaving scars, blemishes, and everything. I am very younge and thinking this should happen to like a 19 year old, not just a 13 teen year old.

so i am asking for help, and a lot.

at such i younge age i would like to try and stop it before it comes with me worse when i'm older.

so please reply to this and give me all the suggestions i can get.


the young and confused :\

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Hi Ashley!

I went through what it sounds like you're experiencing when I was about your age too. I'm 19 now and I had perfect skin until I was about 14. The acne on my face wasn't bad at all, and after using some over the counter products I had it under control but I started getting bumps all over my upper arms and I remember some even on my thighs! It made me really embarrassed so I know how you feel. I would avoid wearing any kind of clothing that would show my arms, back, and thighs because I was so self-conscious about it especially in the change room with other girls during gym class not to mention going out swimming or to the beach with friends!

You could consider seeing a dermatologist but I really think that just talking to people on this site has helped me a lot more than going to see any derm. My dermatologist wasn't very good. I'd show up and he'd prescribe me something without even looking at my acne and send me out the door within 2 minutes. So if you're going to see one take the time to research so you know you're going to a good one! Because there are goods ones out there!

But there are a lot of other options too! Throughout high school I used Neutrogena body scrub for acne prone skin and it seemed to help a lot. I tried differin because my derm prescribed it to me but it didn't work at all for me. What did work was benzoyl peroxide lotion I think it's called benoxyl lotion. It was a pain cause it can bleach your clothes but just put it on at night before bed and wear an old t-shirt and you'll be fine. I also went on tetracycline for a while and that actually made it worse. I'm not saying it will for you too, but everyone is different and it's really just a trial and error until you find what works for you.

The last thing I wanted to say is don't let it get a lot worse that's the mistake I made. I got all of my acne under control and was able to wear all the clothes I wanted to wear, able to go to the beach all throughout high school and everything! But in July of 2007 it got much worse. The acne exploded all over my back and chest and I would get these large cysts everywhere which had never EVER happened to me before. After the cysts were gone they'd leave large red marks that I'm still trying to make go away. I'm on accutane now and trying everything I can get my hands on to get these red marks to disappear. Sorry I don't mean to scare you or anything I just wanted to give you the advice I wish I could've given myself a few years back which is just to keep on top of it, if you start to ever develop cysts or get red marks then you should really consider seeing a derm so you can get it under control before it really develops. Hopefully though that won't be a problem for you at all!

Sorry for this long rant! Hope you managed to read it all and I wish you luck. I hope you find something that works for you! If you ever need more advice I'd be happy to help!

Take care

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What medication have you tried so far? I think Oxy pads were the first thing I tried when I started breaking out in junior high, it didn't work for me.

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What medication have you tried so far? I think Oxy pads were the first thing I tried when I started breaking out in junior high, it didn't work for me.

pads? lol , shoulda use soap.^^

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