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help!! big dark red marks wont go away!

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hey everyone -

i've been on the regimine for about 2 1/2 months now... and I think its getting worse... I dont know whats causing this...

everytime i get a pimple, and apply the bp to it, the next morning, it leaves a huge big dark red mark.. I still have one from the time I started the regimine and it wont get smaller or fade away!

I'm about to stop this to see if the marks fade faster... I have the huge red spots all over my face from where pimples use to be... nothing is helping it fade.

ive used:

baking soda

lemon juice & egg mask

alpha hydrox lightening cream

aloe vera


apple cider vinegar

i guess my only hope now is for the summer to roll around and go in the ocean and tan a little bit... I dont have any pimples, but when i do get them and the BP is applied, it will heal the pimple, but a huge red mark remains...


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BP does tend to make red marks linger. Red marks take a long time to go away. Usually months. I suggest you continue those things that you have tried. There is no short cut to make them go away. Perhaps those methods will make them fade faster than it would if you don't use them

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thanks... they've been around forever now it seems... i really do think its the BP that's causing this... I think I'm going to come off of the BP... my skin was doing pretty good before it, so hopefully nothing will dramatically change...

im also thinking of getting that aqua glycolic cleanser and trying that out...

i just ordered emu oil too... so maybe these products will work out better then the BP..

i also get microdermabrasions done every couple weeks... I thought the BP was doing good, but i guess it works better for others :(

ugghhh no matter what kind of pimple i get, it leaves a red mark.... i just want the summer to come so i can burn my face off ! LOL

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:o then you'd have worse looking skin with burns!! LOL. Well good luck finding something that works.

the Microdermabrasion doesn't help?

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well i really just started these micro sessions.... they're suppose to help with the little scars, and dents on the surface of your skin... they really dont help with the red marks....

i just wish there was something out there that would get rid of all red marks over night! life would be great!!

anyone have any success with their red marks once they got off BP????

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