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Exfoliation, BP Timeframes, and Ph Balances

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Hi All,

I'm new, yet enthusiastic. I've never really had a huge issue with Acne until recently. Over the last 4 to 6 months I've gotten break outs that have gone from 2 to 10 on the scale. To the point of my face hurting, and unable to find very many smooth patches of clear healthy skin. It then began to shit from healthy periods to bad. And since then has swayed to the break out phase.

I happened across this site and began to use the Regimen with a bit of postive affect.

I've kept the diet consitant and clean. Cut out most (sports) supplements, and have added BP to the daily routine.

My questions are these.

1st off, I've been using Bp for a few weeks now. When I first got here I didnt notice a time limit with the use of the product. Is there a time frame, I was putting it on in the morning and at night indef. Just leaving it on. Will this erode my skin?

2nd even though I see clear skin prevailing on the face, it doesn't look as healthy as it feels. I feel as though even though there aren't break outs, the dead skin isn't being washed away and the what is left looks like it needs exfoliating. Before exfoliating washes sent me into a spiral of sensitive/painful/parculs. Any suggestions?

3rd/though related. Is the mosturizing. I know because of the bp flakey happens. This flaking skin is the same skin I feel would be exfoliated. With moisturizing becomes smooth, but soon dries or appears unsmooth. How can I get my PH levels back and still keep smooth skin?

I am not one to try a million and one remedies, healthy skin shouldn't be purchased in 17 bottles, I hope. But I am curious to find natural ways of restoring the vigor in my skin as I am only 26, looking it shouldn't be too difficult.

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you know what significantly cleared me out?

i used to be on dan's regimen and thought it worked pretty well for me, but couldn't take the dryness and since it didn't do much with the "texture" of my skin, i wasn't completely satisfied with it.

so here's what i do.

- i wash my face with a mild cleanser. (i use eucerin's redness relief cleanser gel. it cleans your face well and doesn't dry my face out. it's the only cleanser i've used so far that i could say i'm completely satisfied with.)

- i apply a mild toner right after washing my face. (i use body shop's aloe calming toner. i know many people say a toner is not needed, but i find that using a calming, light toner helps my face from getting dry. plus, it feels good to me.)

- IF IT'S MORNING, i apply barevitamins skin rev er upper. (it's light and has exfoliating affect)

- IF IT'S NIGHT, i apply 10% glycolic acid lotion (i use DDF's. it's light, but it's moisturizing enough for me)


BUT AT NIGHT, AFTER THE GLYCOLIC ACID LOTION, i wait about 30-40 minutes.

- after waiting 30-40 minutes, i apply a light layer of bp.

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The flakyness usually goes away. My skin is hardly flaky any more. I do exfoliate with a baby hair brush. I don't use any scrub or anything. At first it seemed like the exfoliation didn't help but after a few weeks my skin is hardly flaky at all. I'm not sure if it is the fact that my skin is now used to BP, the moisturising or the exfoliation.

My skin is actually a lot smoother than it was before I started the regimen. I take Dan's skin as an example. I don't see anything wrong with his skin after years of using the regimen so I'm not worried about BP destroying my skin.

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