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the more we think about something the bigger the problem seems

get your mind off it dont dwell on the negative

practice positive thinking

dont be so hard on yourself

life's a journey-we learn from our mistakes

do things to take your mind off acne and give you a sense of accomplishment hobbys/socializing/whatever

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People said to me get a hobby, I'd start it but I'd think "what the fuck is the point, it will change nothing"

They said "think happy thoughts" but I could not. every time I tried I reminded myself of what an idiot I was.

they said "breathe deeply and count to 10" - did fuck all.

Excersizing made me feel better for 10 mins due to the endorphin rush but no more

opiates and benzo's (drugs) made me feel bliss for an entire day but DON'T do it as they fuck you up even more. - you get addicted. this is no joke.

only thing I can say is go out with a good group of friends, a good summer's night helps lot.

I used to be silent, shy and invisible when I went out with friends, but I'm now prescribed Valium 5mg (short term while I get psychiatric help, unrelated to acne) by my doc and I can now socialise pretty well without caring of negatives, people treat me a lot better now.

I'd think Cognitive Behavioural Therapy might help in your case, it's free on the NHS in the UK if your GP thinks it's worthwhile, but in the USA it might cost a fortune.

otherwise? who knows.

It's too bad your picture shows only a giant camera lens infront of a face :lol: but it looks perfectly normal to me. Guys aren't into supermodel girls (well maybe jock types are... if you want a jock guy, you're as bad as a jock guy)

It's very probable that you're a pretty girl and I've love a girlfriend like you, being a lonely sod that I am and all. I am a normal weight, normal looking person, not a freak (ok, I have genetic personality issues), so do not be worried that only ugly losers will like you.

argh, sorry for the rant, but good luck. :)

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Thanks for the advice, your really kind and sweet.

I dont know you...but from what I've read,

I'm sure a lot of girls would love you.

thank you, that's a really sweet comment :wub::wub::wub::wub:

it's really made me feel better tonight :)

This might be irrelevant but when I'm around a girl I don't know or I think is pretty(or both), I am distant to her and often ignore her. (it's a shyness defect) so if that happens to you, don't think the guy hates you or thinks you ugly - he might like you more than you think :wub: - even if it doesn't seem that way at the time, just something to think about.

I know it must look like everyone walking around school/town must seem happy and content, but I'll bet at least 10% of those feel as miserable as I (and maybe you too) do, looks can be decieving.

good luck getting your self esteem up, I can't give much more advice but I'll be thinking about you and I hope you feel good about yourself and meet someone special soon :) (just as I hope I can) I am sure that you are beautiful on the outside like you certainly are in the inside :)

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I know it must look like everyone walking around school/town must seem happy and content, but I'll bet at least 10% of those feel as miserable as I (and maybe you too) do, looks can be decieving.
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everyone is confident once they warm up to someone just gotta get past the initial stuff... good luck im way to shy.

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well first of all try not to think about your skin too much. think about what things you are good at..can be anything, sports, studies, any subject, any kind of skill eg drawing etc. Anything basically and think to yourself that you can do that well/relatively well compared to other people. You should be proud of yourself and your abilities.

If you have some good friends, I suggest hanging out with them. I tend to be less confident around strangers but around good friends I just feel better and am more confident. If it helps talk to some people you trust. Even people without acne do have self esteem issues.

Although I have confidence issue it is not because of my acne. I have always had this problem even before I had acne. I have worked to be more confident and I think I am but there is still a long way to go.

It is hard but the most important thing is not to think badly of yourself and believe you are a fabulous person. :D A lot of times people are afraid to get close to someone who is not happy/doesn't seem happy. Not because they don't like you but they are afraid of you.

I hope that helped.

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For me, the answer has been "fake it till you make it", and "Fear is irrelevant to the journey." Terrible catchphrases, I know, but if I can just get a positive saying to keep telling myself (instead of the old "You suck, you're wierd", etc etc), it allows me the room to acknowledge my feelings while at the same time trying something new. It's dangerous to ignore your feelings, but it's also just as dangerous to let the negative ones rule your actions.

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