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Robot Ninja Pirate

Ninja LOW dosage Isotane Log.

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Day 0

So, this is my story... I've had mild to moderate acne since I was around the age of 17... it was never really a HUGE issue and has mostly been controllable via various products... but recently I've started to get cysts which were treated with prednisone and large amounts of doxycycline... not good. I've had periods where I'll be 100% fine, and then suddenly have a breakout. So I've just, as in literally 5 minutes ago popped my first Isotane capsule I am on 10mg per day for 4 months (my problem is far from severe).

I've been very very skeptical about accutane for a long time, but I've finally bit the bullet and given in as it really affects my psychological state when I have active acne and I just got a new job and I can't fuck that up because I've got some bumps on my face! maybe I'm just mentally weak as I know a lot of other people have much much worse and pronounced problems, and I feel for you all.

So I'm just going to chronicle my progress here... hopefully I'm soon going to be acne free forever :)

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Day 1

Don't notice much, skin hasn't improved or degraded since yesterday. Cleansing with Cetaphil morning and night, and applying Stieva-A 0.025% cream nightly on some of my miniscule little bumps and small scars.

Noticed that my head is starting to get a little itchy.. Don't know what's up with that. Hope I'm not going to start losing my hair because of this stuff... :( Oh well. I'd rather be bald and acne free!

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I have a similar problem. I am 26 have had acne since 17 mostly mmild sometime moderate only 2-3 cysts at anyone time and a few white heads. I am 6'4'' and 220 lbs so i thought i would need a big dose but my derm is being on the safe side and said 40 mg a day in two doses ( 2 x 20) would be enough for my acne.

Also i am only 1 - 2 days in to treatment and i am wondering if you really get that sun sensitive? I love the beach and i tan fairly well. I am half latino so i get golden brown from the sun and only get darker and darker during the summer. Wondering if i should avoid the beach even though i tan well or just use a lot of sunblock SPF 60

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