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Clindamycin, Differin, Minocycline, copper peptides, emu oil

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Hi everyone. I'm a long-time lurker, but decided today to register.

I have very mild acne, however my problem is that I have this terrible habit of picking at it, resulting in unsightly blemishes.

At the moment: my regimen is as follows


-Cleanse with cetaphil

-Apply 2% salicylic acid, wait 5 minutes

-Apply Differin in spots where neded

-50mg Minocycline on empty stomach 2 hours later


-Cleanse with johnsons & johnsons Benzoyl peroxide 5%, leave on for 30 secs.

-Apply SRCP serum

-Apply emu oil over srcp

-50mg minocycline

Now, I have topical clindamycin, I would like to know how best I can fit this into my regimen? Can I apply it in the morning, then Differin over it, or can I put the copper peptides and emu oil over it? Let's say I have tough skin. When I first started this regimen, my skin was extremely irritated, but a couple of weeks later, a salicylic peel won't even cause my skin to actually peel.

I don't really want to stop using SRCP + emu oil because blemishes are a major concern for me, nor do I want to stop using Differin as it is supposed to help in this regard also.

Sorry for the incoherency of this post :)

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In the morning you have your acne-fighting topicals pretty well covered with the 2% SA and Differin, so I would think the Clindamycin would probably be best suited for evening usage.

If you have the Clindamycin that is a clear liquid like water, it would probably be best to apply that after cleansing with the J & J 5% bp and before the copper peptide serum. Then apply the emu oil over everything.

If, however, you have the Clindamycin gel formulation, then you would use your BP cleanser, then copper peptide serum, then Clindamycin gel, then emu oil over everything. I was going in order of thickness of the products, as you use your thinner-consistency products first, then thicker, etc.

A very thin layer of emu oil could be used lightly over your entire face before you put on the Clindamycin if that is too irritating to your skin, however, you didn't seem to indicate that would be a problem.

I think using the Clindamycin at night will balance out both your AM and PM routine with your acne products. Watch your skin. If it appears too irritated at any time, back off on your acne products and just use your copper serum and emu oil until the irritation vanishes. I have found when I keep my skin happy, it is easier to care for and stays nicer looking. You might want to begin to incorporate your Clindamycin slowly. Perhaps instead of starting off with every night, you could begin by using it every other night.

Good luck with the regimen and let us all know how it works out for you!

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