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SpectroJel confusion!

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Hi all.

I used to use SpectroDERM as a cleanser, but I haven't bought it in a long time so when I went to the store to pick up a bottle, I noticed there are a LOT more different types than there used to be.

I'm wondering which one people use? And which one you like the best?

Specifically I am considering:

SpectroDerm (dry, sensitive skin)

SpectroJel Combination (for combination skin)

SpectroJel Sensitive, Problem prone skin

My skin is probably combination: can get a little oily on the nose and forehead, but mostly dry everywhere else.

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I first used the purple problem prone one, but then switched to the green "oiley skin" one. It doesn't seem like much of a difference and the purple bottle is pH balanced now (less dry skin). I'm switching back to the purple one and would recommend it.

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So I got the purple bottle, the "Sensitive, problem-prone, fragrance-free" version but it smells REALLY strong to me. I guess I am used to SpectroDerm now.

Has anyone noticed a difference between SpectroJel and SpectroDerm (if you have tried both)?

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Just in case anyone is interested....

I tried the Jel version (purple bottle, for sensitive problem-prone skin) and I did not like it. The smell was too strong, and it left my face dry, tight, and flakey. I instead got my old SpectroDerm and have been much happier with it - no harsh smell, and it moisturizes better.

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