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Eric Lin

freaking acne nightmare

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hi! i been had acne for most of my highschool years, and it really destroyed my life for good. last year i thought my acne was gone,and it will never come back, the reason i think of that is because for a few months my skin was less oilly and i had like no new acne breakouts, my skin was clear. I was so glad that the nightmare was over, so i started hang out with people and met a girl i really like.

Sadly, the Fcking ACNE! came back again..................with even more severe breakouts....i now have few cyst nodules and pimples allover my face..............god!!!!!!!

what am i suppose to do now....i dont want to take accutane, beacuse i am already depreesed enough.

I am afraid to see my friends and that girl again..........and i love them, but i just cant face them.

I begin to hide in my room again, i just want to live like everyone else.........

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I can completely relate to your post I go through periods of time with flawless clear skin and I think yesss instant confidence boost. I also met someone and started seeing him but now Im going through the worst breakout of my life and I've had to give reasons (lies) as to why I cant see him. He already knows about my low confidence issues but I cant admit to having acne EVER!

Anyway go to doctors ask about some antibiotics - the only thing is they will eventually stop working and you will feel down again but the little time of clear beautiful skin is totally worth it :) x

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I know how you feel right now. I started getting acne when I turned 18. Now, I am 23, I don't have any pimples anymore. But not sure if they will come back.

Please, take accutane, it's the only thing that will save your face from acne. Trust me, it won't make you more depressed.

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Sorry for your pain and frustration. I've been there when I was younger as well and suffered from the same kind of acne you have. Did anything change in you from the time of your clear skin to the time of your breaking out? Stress? Less Sleep? Less Exercise? Depression?

Since your acne cleared up B4 KNOW THIS-YOUR ACNE CAN CLEAR UP AGAIN. It's just a matter of finding the right thing. At this point I wouldn't be afraid of going on the Accutane, it's your choice. Not something I'd recommend though. But again, it's up to you. Your the person who makes that call.

What I would suggest if looking into alternatives among them primarily the Holistic Forum-especially their pinned threads at the top of the forums. There's a wealth of info there.

Here's 2 threads you may find helpful:



& bfg9000d thread


The above thread was moved to here:


One of the biggest things I'm going to tell you is don't have a negative attitude and isolate yourself from people. You only make your life worse by choosing to focus on your acne. Focus on your finding solutions to your acne. WHY? Because then you will clear up, and you'll attract that into your life.

It's what I did, and now my skin is 95-100% clear. Have I found all my solutions? No, but I've tried a lot and found what works for me and what doesn't. But the only was I did that was to stop thinking there was no solution and start doing things differently and start thinking there were solutions. There are, believe me. There are!!!!!

Take it from a 3 time Accutance User and Loser, that drug did something for me for awhile. You may take it and it may work and clear up your skin forever. THAT'S GREAT IF IT DOES, but what I'm saying is my problem was something else, something I had to find AND I DID!!!!!!

SO IF I CAN YOU CAN- I understand you're being hurt and upset, I know how it feels. Trust me I know. It's okay to vent, just get out those feelings and release them. But then after all that is out, what are you going to do? Find your imbalances, what needs correcting, what you're going to do differently and then DO IT? You're the only one who can, and you're stronger than you know.

What are you waiting for GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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