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I have been going through this site ever since June/July 2007. This site has been my source of inspiration, tears, experimentation and what not. In short, this site has been my friend through it all. One of the things that I am really really hooked to is reading the new posts every 5-10 mins. But what I regularly see is people talking about their acne, how to cure it, their experiments, their emotional struggle etc. I have yet to come across a thread that just talks about - yes, I cleared my acne. (And not with some miracle products in 3 days or even in 3 weeks). I guess people do not come back to this site when they get clear.

I am starting this thread so that a few of us can talk about how we really conquered or have kept our acne at bay. I hope others would follow suit and post their stories in here so that we can be some sort of an inspiration for people who are still struggling.

Here is what worked for me. I started clearing up some time in Feb and now I am just left with a few marks on my right cheek. Please remember that what worked for me may not necessarily work for u. I worked out the best way for me after experimenting for 7 months. The things that helped me most are - changing my birth control pill to Dianette, taking a small dose of antibiotics (orthotertracycline), introducing Diacneal and AHA into my regime, drinking lots of water and stopping milk. Because I do not know what exactly caused my acne at the age of 37, I am not aware what exactly helped in curing it either.

It is a brilliant feeling to be acne-free, but that fear is always there. Now I do not take my skin for granted and will stick with my regime no matter what (though currently I am weaning myself off the antibiotics).

Thanks for reading this and I hope others will post in here as well.

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i just wanted to tell you that I've started exactly the same regimen two weeks ago (Apart from taking different antibiotics) :D

now i am feeling really positive! thank you.

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