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Does this stuff work?

OK..so I'm 14, have moderate acne on face (as well as a bit on chest and back). My mom takes me to a dermatologist (before I found out about this website and all)..and here's what he gave me:

tetracyclene (sp?) pills to take once a day

cetaphil - to wash my face with every night before bed

.025% Avita Cream - to put on 20 mintues after i've washed my face and then sleep with it on, wash it off in the morning

..so I've been doing this for almost 5 weeks now (he said it would clear up in 8), and things still aren't that much better. My cheeks are noticeably red (so much so that I've had quite a few people mention it to me, which is really embarassing 'cause I always say it's sunburn or something like that), and the pimples are still there...it looks like it might be somewhat clearing up on my forehead but it's still a bit early to tell...

as far as the redness in my face, i asked the dermotologist about it ('cause i still had some redness before i came in) and he said that it was due to the blood vessels in my skin there not being as tight as they should be, and said that that was just the way it is and i have to live with it. and i really don't like that answer..so do ya'll know of anything that might help it, or if it's just a side effect of the meds i'm taking?

my question is...does the stuff I'm using / taking actually work to clear up my acne? and if not, should i just use this until the 8 weeks are up (i have another appointment when the 8 weeks are up for him to see me again) and then try your acne.org regimen? or should i stick with the dermotologist? THANKS SO MUCH for any help or advice ya'll have. sorry this was so long and probably confusing...

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Please try this regimen. It REALLY worked for my daughter. She had been to the dermatologist so many times and Dan's regimen cleared her face 95% in 2 weeks. For under $15.00 you can have clear skin.

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